Fold paper stars

Fold paper stars: fold

Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree or windows are very popular. In particular, stars are a typical symbol that is associated with Christmas.

From paper you can make simple, but beautiful stars for the Christmas tree and the Christmas decoration. On the following pages you will find detailed craft instructions for various motifs and forms - sometimes even illustrated and with video.

felt stars

Make Christmas stars out of felt - Simple craft instructions with photos for table and Christmas decoration

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Finnish Christmas star

With a little love of symmetry can be made from some paper or cardboard strips this beautiful poinsettia. If the material is extravagant, the star will be even more beautiful.

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Multicolored frog stars

Free e-book for folding a froebel star.

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Poinsettia from drawing paper

Simple folding instructions for a poinsettia made of paper. Just fold and cut in a pattern.

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detailed illustrated instructions

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Folded Star

Decorative star for the Christmas tree

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Stars made of paper

Folding instructions for simple poinsettias made of paper

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Video Board: DIY One Minute Paper Star Christmas Ornaments