Terribly convincingly good! Terribly convincingly good!: look

Shock relax: So little money squared?

Anyone who thinks that advertising to save has to be cruel can now breathe easy and chill! Terrible offers are actually known only from large furniture stores that pretend to sell discounts, but then only trick the front and back so that it looks cheaper in the big picture. And the brave the actions come over, the more devious one is usually. I like it more directly. Say what you have to say, and let the imagination play a bit. Those of Parkett-Direkt do it right there: cool action, cool idea, and special offers that can really be seen. Here, no beams are bent, but prices made that you like to put in the stuff to drive up with the station wagon and the bulk of the load from the counter in the trunk to load.

Somebody finally thought about this and conjured up something funny. In principle, I would alone give up my order and order cheap laminate. But at the moment I still have an expensive floor here. The landlord would muck me off if I ripped it out. Pity!!

Which type of laminate are you? Terribly convincingly good!: look

This is where ghosts divide: Type-appropriate laminate right down to the tips of the hair

What are those guys who annoy us with boring messages? Certainly not cool guys! At you get something to watch, on the other hand. Just take a look at this ingenious picture: Have you ever seen your flooring like this? The rustic beard type can do everything; a better embodiment of "Rustic Oak" could hardly have been found. This is an offer design that I like best.

If you want to look for funny guys yourself, then look no further than the parquet experts. Oh, prices do not matter, look for yourself. I also get nothing for blogging, except maybe one on the fingers, because I write about foreign advertising.

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