Parquet colors

The color palette for parquets is unmanageable even without special treatments or artificial dyeing. The native woody plants and the exotic imports provide every shade of autumnal brown over summery yellow-beige to gray-black anthracite.

Bright from white to medium brown

The brightest woods with a high white content include the maple, some bamboo species, horse and horse chestnut, yew, some oak, ash, cherry, marmoset or elm, hornbeam, zebrano and plum. Additional coloring with pigment oils can increase the brightness almost to pure white.

In addition to the oak, which can be sorted between almost white to dark brown, Afzelia, pear, beech, Douglas fir, alder, some mahogany species, meranti, olive, sycamore, beech, tulip tree and cedar are represented in the beige to light brown color spectrum. Also bamboo can be counted to this color group.

By aging or pretreatment, almost all woody plants can be recolored or darkened in a wide range. Especially the oak is a good example, which bandwidth can cover a single wood. Between light white oak and almost black smoked oak, every hue and brightness level is available.

Dark from brown to gray to deep black

Among the brightest among the dark woods are the walnut and teak. For quiet textures dominates a brighter appearance, with fiery or lively structures and grains of the floor looks darker. The tropical bangkirai provides a rich mid to dark brown, while the mahogany, bubinga, merbau and rosewood tend to have a darker look that can range to reds, grays and blacks.
Cocobole, ebony, some mahogany species, macassar and walnut are very dark woody in origin. All originally brighter shrubs can be darkened. Darkening caused by aging can be eliminated by sanding, as long as it is solid parquet.

Mixed colors from ocher to orange to pink

The range of mixed colors that some woods produce is comparable to the foliage of an autumnal treetop. An extraordinary play of colors between reddish and brown tones, which run wild in a texture that resembles a cyclone, provides eucalyptus. Approaching lawn green can provide the cucumber magnolia. In some species of bamboo, a light green color indicates belonging to the botanical family of grasses.

A glowing dark pink with a nearly fluorescent effect is the character of Amaranth, while Pink Ivory lives up to its name with a radiant light pink. Rosewood in its contrasting texture can produce shades of light brown and beige up to marbling in carmine red. A similarly extensive color spectrum is inherent to the varied textures of Amberbaum and Lati.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to decide on a color of your parquet, pay attention to the neutrality or intentional contrasts with the furnishing style. Dark furniture usually works better with light parquet and vice versa. Another aspect is the room size, which is optically enlarged by light parquet colors.

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