Parquet floor in comparison with other floor coverings

Parquet is still a very popular flooring that is still considered valuable today. What pros and cons brings parquet in comparison to other floor coverings, and how it behaves in relation to other types of flooring, you can read here.


Parquet can, depending on which type of parquet it is, be priced fairly cheap. Mosaic parquet is often available from around 15 - 20 EUR per m² to have, finished parquet is also priced at this level. Solid wood parquets, on the other hand, are considerably more expensive, on average the costs are around 30 - 50 EUR per m².

This is still expensive in comparison - laminate is available from about 5 EUR per square meter, and is just like prefinished parquet just a "veneer product". Even high-quality floor tiles with decades of service life are often cheaper than parquet. They are also available in wood look, they are virtually maintenance-free. In this case probably the better alternative.

Even solid wood plank floors are often even cheaper than a parquet floor, but look more noble and even higher quality.

Cost use Bill

Although the lifetime of solid wood parquet is decades with careful laying, multiple grinding and re-sealing must be taken into account. Since the laying can not usually be carried out by the customer, expensive additional costs are incurred at intervals of a few years, which do not apply to other types of flooring.

Floor tiles that can easily last 30 - 40 years or longer without further maintenance are cheaper here, for the price of the parquet floor, the laminate floor can be replaced more than ten times over the same period. The cost-benefit analysis of Parkett makes it therefore a less profitable alternative than flooring.


The subjective value of parquet is not as high as that of solid plank flooring. Although these are more intensive care, but also cheaper - or at least not more expensive. Even a high-quality porcelain stoneware floor has - especially in wood look - much higher quality, and is also easy to clean. Stone look at tiles can also create a marble or natural stone look that looks much more luxurious than a parquet floor.


Parquet floors can exude various pollutants. On the one hand solvent from the glue (sticking is still very common, floating laying is only possible in a few cases).

On the other hand, high levels of formaldehyde emissions must also be expected in the case of prefinished parquet, mainly due to the presence of compressed wood in the substrate layer.

Add to this the exhalations of the sealants and coatings. Again, there may be a massive pollution.

This is not the case with other types of flooring, such as tiles or linoleum.

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