Maintain and clean parquet - easy and fast

Real wood floors are back in shape again. However, the often heard objection that maintaining and cleaning a parquet is much too time-consuming is not true. Parquet floors are rather easy to care for and convince with their extremely versatile application possibilities.

Many call it luxury, others manifest their exquisite taste. But most people probably opt for parquet because such rustic floors just look good, get their use value over many years and flooring made of natural wood from the home-medical aspect ago fit everywhere. In addition: Maintain and clean parquet Costs compared to other flooring significantly less effort, if you know how to do it and some material specific features of this filigree wood flooring knows.

Parquet floor - never really went out of fashion

A big boom brought the narrow wooden stick elements the progressive industrialization in the early 19th century. Incidentally, it was still with hammer and small steel nails in the process, the parquet neatly pinnate, until later then increasingly effective adhesives were used. More than 50 years later, same trend only with even more noble materials, in a retro look and replicated raised branches. 3-D optics and antique-looking design make it possible and also, if it is a bit more expensive - at up to thirty years manufacturer warranty, you do not have to buy again so fast. Nevertheless, parquet care and cleaning is in demand then and now, so much time must be then.

Oil, wax or paint - it's all about the surface

Thick floor wax layers like in the days of great-grandmas are out, as many of the modern parquet floors are already in the factory today Robust and durable surface seal in the shops and thus come to the consumer. The designations are not necessarily the same across manufacturers. However, they can be roughly divided into three basic surface structures:

  • Durable polyurethane sealant for heavily used floors;
  • Natural oil surface (maintain and clean this parquet, means very little effort);
  • Oil-wax finish (protects against excessive wear and looks particularly natural);

Sweep, wipe or both?

When maintaining and cleaning the parquet, it is always advisable to observe some rules of the game, where there are basically two important procedures that are based on the degree of contamination.

Dry cleaning of parquet floors

With the generally easy-to-care natural wood floors, it usually already suffices if they are cleaned dry at regular intervals with the help of a soft hair brush, a suitable vacuum cleaner or the classic mop. If you prefer the electric method, you can find specialist parquet nozzles in the trade, which remove the slightly coarse-grained dirt very gently and leave no annoying scratches on the parquet floor.

Wet cleaning - but without massive use of water

Once the dirt is more stubborn, as it rains outside, for example, it is time to clean the parquet floor a little more thoroughly and moist. The Experts call it foggy, what then anyway not wet with dripping should be confused. Maintain and clean the parquet is all the more the old saying that says: Much does not help much and in the case of our wooden floors much more will do even more damage, especially in the long run. Mist moisture is defined as that the wet-processed soil after about three to a maximum of five minutes completely, that is, even inside, should be completely dried.

Clean coarse soiled parquet, but prudent!

This is best done with a small supply of selected utensils and cleaning products, which are used exclusively for use on parquet floors. The basic configuration could then look like this:

  • mop bucket
  • Flat wiper or mop with wringer
  • Special brush for the vacuum cleaner with soft natural bristles
  • Non-fluffy cotton towels
  • Dry and damp disposable cloths
  • Parquet cleaner (if possible with moisturizing waxes or polymers

No-gos you should never do to your parquet

Do yourself a favor and even more so your parquet, if the wiper water core or greasy soaps or even vinegar is added. As with floor wax, which is also recommended for parquet care on some online portals, these agents cause the formation of unsightly streaks and stains. Sometimes the floor looks like a multicolored map after drying and appears greasy. Even solvent-based intensive cleaners and other aggressive liquids are neither part of the wiping water nor directly on the parquet.

Manufacturer descriptions have priority in maintaining parquet

Almost all manufacturers of floor products have meanwhile launched their own funds that they recommend to their customers for the cleaning and care of their parquet floors. These are not purchase orders. However, it can be assumed that these cleaning products are best suited to gently clean and care for the parquet so that it reaches the longest possible life without damage. Furthermore, it can be assumed that in the case of the use of unsuitable cleaning and care products, problems arise when warranty claims are to be asserted by the buyer. Which of the means you best care for your parquet and clean, should therefore take a look in the purchase usually supplied manufacturer's instructions be worth.

Problem spots on the floor

Even with the utmost caution, it can not always be avoided that something goes wrong now and then, which leaves unsightly marks on the otherwise well-tended natural wood floor. Just in case some proven recommendations:

Coarse dirt, crayons, chalkBrush dry immediately (sponge)
Fruit stains, spilled drinksAbsorb with absorbent cloth, if necessary use neutral cleaner
bloodstainsBrush damp cloth or dry later
Shoe polish, grease stains, ink tracesDab ONLY the affected area with highly diluted vinegar
Syrup, chocolate, leftoversClean locally with a suitable neutral detergent

In no case should dirty parquet in the Cleaning with impregnated wipes to be dealt with. This also applies to the popular microfibre cloths, which have been suspected for a long time to attack sensitive wooden surfaces and leave them unsightly in the long run.

Proper parquet care prevents premature wear

Even those who have cared for many years with his natural wood floor and maintain the parquet and cleanse has always addressed the rules of the manufacturer, at some point signs of wear and tear, which are a bit more stubborn. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use special care products directly and above all exactly in the specified concentration to be mixed directly with the mop water, As a rule, these chemicals have been extensively tested by the manufacturers in laboratory analyzes and in practical operation and have been tailored to the sensitive parquet flooring. And with all due caution: At some point, but usually only after many years, even for the most well-groomed wood floor a professional basic cleaning is announced.

Basic cleaning - do it yourself or hire a company?

The prerequisite for such intensive cleaning is, first, that no mechanical damage is visible in the parquet, otherwise only a rigorous sanding makes sense. There is one for the basic cleaning wet and dry variantThe latter method is much healthier for the wood and is preferably used by industry professionals. For both methods so-called Single-disc machines with differently coarse grinding pads used. When wet cleaning, a high-performance, possibly multi-engine water suction is needed in addition. Apart from the fact that these devices can be borrowed in many hardware stores, it also takes a lot of manual skill to perform this work alone high quality. On average, building cleaners charge between € 7.50 to € 11.00 (net) per square meter.

If nothing works - sanding?

For this, one must know that even a high-quality basic cleaning only cleans the surface of the parquet, to then incorporate them. Since damage in the wood structure only after the subsequent waxing or oiling clearly show, could now at most still the grinding help. The prices demanded by professional craftsmen start at 23, - Euro (net) per square meterso that any decision to do so must be carefully weighed against the expected benefits.

Repair damaged areas in the parquet

It would be nice, if it were because hornbach presents the trick with the cracked walnut in a short video. The scratches in the parquet caused by a swivel chair on castors are less visible with a piece of the nut. However, it is only a matter of time before these damaged areas get bigger. But some tips There are, however, when worn out areas become visible in the parquet floor:

  • Slightly curved dents: thoroughly wet the affected sections as the wood fibers subsequently swell; then put on a damp cloth and carefully press into the surface with a hot iron;
  • Micro cracks and small holes: Apply wood paste of the same color, press firmly and treat with a suitable surface finish;
  • Small area scratches: If it does not work by polishing away, use the spot with low-viscosity repair wax fill up and seal with a suitable sealing varnish.

Maintaining and cleaning parquet flooring alone is not enough in the long run

The length of life of parquet floors stands or falls with the nature of their treatment. If you spare your ground and use felt slippers instead of street shoes (the often unloved ones), you will certainly enjoy the parquet for a few more years. And: Avoiding dirt has always been better with natural wood floorsthan to remove it, because even the smallest stones or rough road dirt cause very ugly scratches pretty quickly. Furthermore we recommend you:

  • Use generously sized strainer in front of the apartment or front door, so that dirt from the outset remains outside.
  • Soft castors for swivel chairs or mobile containers are easier to care for - just retrofit.
  • Black soles and stiletto heels should also avoid your visit, as they leave a lasting mark.
  • Parquet has a feel-good temperature of 20° C and likes a humidity of 60 to 65 percent, If the room air is much drier in winter, humidifiers help to prevent the wood from contracting.
  • Never use a steam cleaner, even with coarse dirt, otherwise the glue will loosen and the wood will swell.
  • Equip furniture that stands on the floor with Felt or teflon gliders to.

Tips & Tricks

Wood and water have never been so good friends. Maintaining and cleaning parquet also goes along only a little water, In the event that a dog lives in the apartment: Against scratch marks on the floor does not help household contents insurance, but only good education or a high-quality dog ​​blanket made of nubbed fabric.

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