Lay parquet on carpet - these possibilities exist

Often there is a slight confusion between laminate and parquet. This may be because some types of laminate have a parquet decor printed on them. However, the type of installation is completely different. While laminate can be laid floating on a base, a real parquet must imperatively be bonded over the entire surface.

What is parquet?

Individual small pieces of different types of hardwood are joined together in the parquet to predetermined patterns. Since these individual pieces of wood, also known as chopsticks or bars, must always be glued to a load-bearing flat ground, there is no way to lay a real parquet on carpet.

to lay parquet

Laying parquet is much more difficult and demanding than the floating laying of laminate. Therefore, it is not recommended for a home improvement to try this task. If you really want to lay a parquet decor yourself, then you should rather resort to a click bottom.

Multilayered Flooring

Floors that are sold as multi-layer parquet are basically laminate floors with parquet decor. This type of parquet or laminate can be laid floating when fitted with a click system. Whether you lay this flooring on a sound insulation or a carpet, depends on how the carpet is designed and in what condition it is.

Lay step by step click carpet on carpet

  • Click parquet / laminate with parquet decor
  • crowbar
  • bat
  • wedges
  • jigsaw
  • table saw
  • rubber hammer
  • ruler
  • pencil

1. Prepare carpet

The carpet must be absolutely clean before you can lay a floor floating on it. If you want to shampoo the carpet first, you will need to wait a few days before laying the laminate.

2. laminate laminate 1st row

The first row is always a bit difficult to lay with click parquet. You need to balance the unevenness of the wall and still have sufficient air to the wall later, so that the floor can move and work. You should therefore join the first row and transfer the bows of the wall to the panels with a spacer and a pencil.

These arches and protrusions should then be sawed out with the jigsaw. You can also work very precisely with the Japan or tension saw. If the panels fall apart easily during this work, you can put some glue in the tongue and groove connection. However, you must first let the glue dry before working on it.

3rd laminate more rows

The click parquet must be well secured on each side with distance wedges to the walls. The tail section of each row can best be clicked on with the pull bar. You may have to slightly haul the puller iron with the rubber mallet. In the last row you have to transfer the irregularities on the panels as described above.

Tips & Tricks

If you are a beginner, you should rub over the carpet with a panel of the click-bottom. If the carpet is particularly smooth, laying it can be very difficult. The panels then slide slightly back and forth. In this case you should rather lay a conventional sound insulation.

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