Parquet types and prices in the overview

Apart from the stone floor, wooden floors are the most widely used floor coverings in the history of human habitation. From the original, simple plank floors, bar, mosaic, lamellar, panel and upright lamella parquet were developed. Modern products are also multi-layered and provided with a veneered wear layer.

Multilayer or massive

A variety of parquet products consists of two or three layers, with only the upper wear layer consists of the chosen wood species. The underlying backing layers are usually made from pressed chipboards or cheap needlewood panels. The wear layers start at thicknesses of two millimeters.

Solid wood parquet is consistently made of a type of wood and was until the 1930s, the only product form of parquet. In addition to the ship's floor parquet, which is still similar to the original wooden floorboards, high-quality panel parquet in castles or stately homes, for example, was exclusively made of solid wood.

put associations

The ship's floor with its wooden panels belongs to the group of parallel associations. His unevenly staggered bumps also give him the name Wilder Bandage, while the English Association the shocks are regularly placed halfway, the Oxford Association, they are offset by a third.

Wicker floor or strip parquet is composed of wooden bars or lamellas, which are placed in square, rectangular or parallel to each other Legerihctung. The herringbone parquet is also made of wooden sticks with bar ends arranged at 45 degrees. The panel parquet, the "queen of the parquets", consists of geometric patterns that can reach into representational representations such as stars or wind roses.

Current offers

Massive parquet
Oak parquet in industrial sortingfertigparkett.org13 EUR / sqm
3fold herringbone Afrormosiafertigparkett.org35.38 EUR / sqm
Multilayer parquet
Oak Alhambraparkett-store24.de29,90 EUR / sqm
Oak ship bottomparkett-store24.de15,99 EUR / sqm

Residential situation crucial

If you want to choose a parquet, the right choice depends on your circumstances. Are the floors your property or is it a rental property? What is the expected load and how long should the parquet last? Is a reprocessing required?

Tips & Tricks

Since 2003, there have been European product standards for parquet that have replaced all German industrial standards. For solid wood as well as for multi-layered products, these standards exist, which you can read on the website of the Association of the German Parquet Industry under

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