Parquet in the bathroom - pay attention to the type of wood

The experiences of people who have laid and use parquet in the bathroom are very different. Basically, there are products that are suitable for this purpose and which last a long time with expert assembly and look beautiful. This quality has its price.

Suitable types of wood

As wood species for a parquet in the bathroom only insensitive and less "working" trees are a question. Hard woods with low shrinkage and swelling behavior like acacia, oak, teak or robinia are suitable and also bamboo can be used.

Overall, the woods become more resistant to moisture and moisture in a bath by a pre-heat treatment. As thermo-wood, however, they lose their original character and develop a typical thermal odor that disturbs some people.

The more exposed the wood of the parquet is, the less reactions to the stress in a bath are. The hardwoods should be dried for at least five years and consist exclusively of heartwood. Vertically sawn wooden discs with annual ring textures are more resistant than horizontal or diagonally sawn tree trunks.

For the parquet in the bathroom should not be saved on the material. A price per square meter of over one hundred euros is customary for suitable wood and parquet. Origin, storage time and production details should be known and the warranty for possible subsequent damage must be checked carefully.

Laying system decides with

In addition to the choice of a high-quality hardwood as a material for the parquet in the bathroom, the substrate, the floor structure, the seal, the joint or shock filling, the impregnation ability such as room size and temperature must be considered.

The laying of a parquet in the bathroom, including all structural preparations, should be carried out by a specialist company. Knowledge of building-specific characteristics such as the moisture load depending on the size of the room, the effect of the average soil temperature and the development of sweat and condensation must be taken into account.

The easy-care lacquer seal is also possible with parquet in the bathroom, however many experts recommend an oiled and waxed surface. When it comes to the open-pore seal, the parquet contributes to the room climate and reacts more flexibly to temperature and humidity differences.

Solid wood parquets are more recommendable than multi-layer parquets, since the backing layers represent an additional risk factor with regard to swelling and shrinkage behavior. Open edges such as the ends under the skirting or transition strips must be impregnated to prevent lateral moisture ingress.

Tips & Tricks

Parquet in the bathroom is a very warm, cozy and natural floor covering. It is much more sensitive compared to tiles or other materials. If you decide for your parquet in the bathroom, think about the expected later user behavior. With small children or insensitive household members, this flooring is not always recommended.

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