Repair the parquet: repair various types of damage

Parquet is known for its resilience, but here too damage can occur. Sometimes bars are detached from the ground or unpleasant scratches are created on the surface. How can damage to the parquet be repaired?

Repair lots of bars at the bar parquet

Do some bars relax with your parquet? Such damage is especially noticeable when you enter the affected area. Sometimes, however, the small rods wedge so that they also attract attention visually negative.

Use a craft knife or spring steel to pry out into the rod that sits loosely. Carefully insert the blade into the joint and pull out the blade. You can remove further bars with a chisel.

Remove the dirt from the removed rods, refill any voids under the straps: For this purpose, a mixture of wood glue and sawdust is recommended.

If only the adhesive has loosened, then glue the rods again with new glue. Weight the repaired area for some time to press the bars firmly to the ground.

Repair scratches in the strip parquet

Get a repair kit for wooden floors. It usually contains several colored waxes, an electric melter, some sanding and polishing cloths and a clear coat pen: this will give you all the materials needed to repair your parquet.

First, thoroughly clean the area to be repaired. Then warm up the wax and mix a shade to match your parquet. Fill up with the liquid material the scratch slightly above level.

Use the sanding and polishing cloths to work on the dry wax surface. The clearcoat pen is used primarily in busy floors for subsequent reworking.

Completely redesign the parquet floor

If the surface damage to your bar parquet is particularly numerous, you should sand and reseal the entire floor instead of small-scale repairing the bar floor.

Use three different grinding machines for grinding: a belt sander, an edge sander and optionally a large disc sander with sandpaper of different grain sizes.

The belt sander is used for sanding the surface, the edges must be processed with the edge grinder. With the disc sander, the joint putty can be ground, it is also well suited for intermediate lacquer sanding.

Start with coarse sandpaper and work your way up to the finest grain in three easy steps. Then you should thoroughly clean the floor and the entire room. Now you can apply wax, oil or varnish for sealing.

Tips & Tricks

When resealing your parquet, remember that oil penetrates deeply into the wood fibers, while wax and varnish mainly cover the surface.

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