Waterproof particleboard

There are many reasons to buy waterproof chipboard, but it is not available in all strengths, less flexible and significantly more expensive. So it is also possible with little effort to waterproof a chipboard.

Install chipboard everywhere

In the past, hardly anyone used chipboard in a bathroom or kitchen, but mostly used the green, water-repellent plasterboard. But chipboard can also defy the humidity in these rooms.

Of course, they have to be sealed. But there are now commercially available nano-coatings that effectively seal the material.

Install moisture protection

If the chipboard is to be made resistant to strong moisture and constant fog, it is best to use a nano sealant. These are available both as a spray and as a paint, which can be easily applied with a foam roller.

Waterproof chipboard

Real waterproof chipboard is not performed in all hardware stores, moreover, it is very expensive. But if you want to use chipboard in outdoor areas, you should consider whether this variant does not last longer better.

Waterproof particleboard

Here are some variants to make chipboard waterproof itself. We have staggered these according to their effectiveness.

  • Nano-seal for spraying or painting
  • High quality paint - several layers
  • foil coating

Application of nano-coating

The nano-coating is transparent, but you should still cover the environment when spraying. Especially if adjacent walls are provided with plasterboard or natural wood, the color reacts differently than on the chipboard. The result is unpleasant spotty areas.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to use the chipboard natural without further coating, you should renew the coating with a nano-seal at the latest every three years.

Of course, it is better if you additionally protect the chipboard against the wall, for example with tiles or a likewise waterproof paint layer.

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