The partition of the semi-detached house

Hardly any other element of the duplex is as important as the central partition. In this article, you will learn which functions the partition wall for your semi-detached house takes on and why investment makes sense here.

The sound insulation is enormously important

Since a semi-detached house is made up of two semidetached houses directly adjacent to each other, there is no spatial distance between the two parties. This can lead to a high degree of disturbance if the insulation is poor, since the noises of the neighbor are transmitted day and night into your half. The partition can solve this problem effectively; if it is well insulated, the semi-detached house offers a high level of living comfort.

The following sounds can be isolated by using a well-insulated partition, so you will not be disturbed by noise:

  • Loud footsteps
  • Noises from rinses, drains etc.
  • Sounds from devices such as the TV, the radio or a music system
  • Through voices, create sounds

The partition of the semi-detached house: partition

Of course, a well-insulated partition can curb all other noises, especially loud noises, such as a loud celebration, but this can not achieve a hundred percent insulation.

Isolate the other walls as well

Your semidetached house benefits from a good partition only when the other walls have a certain insulation. If the "complete package" is correct, the semi-detached house offers a living comfort comparable to a detached single-family house. For this reason, when buying a semi-detached house, you should pay particular attention to the insulation; in construction, higher investment in good insulation, especially the partition, is worthwhile.

The partition insulated heat

Another important function of the partition wall is the thermal insulation: If your semi-detached house is well insulated, not only the indoor climate but also the wallet will benefit. Because the better the heat insulation, the lower the heating costs. Taking this point into consideration, investment in a good partition wall is particularly worthwhile, because one day the additional costs incurred are more favorable than the costs associated with poor insulation.

Tips & Tricks

Visit the model houses of prefab and solid house manufacturers to experience the high comfort of modern semi-detached houses. You will notice: A good insulation is worthwhile for many reasons and makes the life in the semi-detached house noticeably more pleasant.

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