Fix a partition sufficiently stable without drilling

If a partition is to be retrofitted, a stable structure without drilling is often required. In rental properties and high-quality floor coverings such as parquet, gentle and durable alternatives are possible. "Placing", "setting up" and "pinching" are types of construction that replace drilling when properly installed.

Room separation with elastic tools

The first alternative to make a partition without drilling is brick masonry. In most cases, this type of construction is just as inappropriate as interventions on floors, ceilings and walls.

If a dividing wall is built of wood itself, a stand construction is recommended. The surrounding frames can be mounted without drilling by clamping force. Elastic materials are used as "lining materials" between floor, ceiling and walls. They form as a side effect by decoupling effect additional sound insulation. Without this effect, but also with einklemmender function, wedges can be driven.

  • felt
  • rubber
  • Press fibers
  • clamping springs

There are natural limits in the dimensioning, in which by means of "pinching" sufficient durability and stability of the partition wall is achieved. The maximum wall length without damaging the ground ends at about three meters. When fortifications drilled in walls and / or ceilings are possible, the maximum length increases by up to two meters.

Use gravity

A dividing wall for room separation achieves higher intrinsic stability and stability, the heavier it is. When attaching the dead weight can be used selectively. In many cases, drilling should only be avoided in the ground. For possible screw fastenings laterally and above, the mounting is similar to a "hanging".

A weighted lower end of the partition, for example, by placing stones or wood in the lower part of the wall reduces the possible "pendulum movements" and a shifting and slipping in case of accidental shock loads.

Wood and metal columns for room separation are available with screw-on supports and struts. The ends have on threaded heads movable heads, which lead after fitting by screwing to a clamping stop. Telescopic poles with spring technology can fulfill this function for small and light partitions.

Tips & Tricks

Even if your partition sits loosely on the floor or on the walls, changes in humidity and temperature, as well as in the presence of light for residual traces, can lead to subsequent dismantling of the partition.

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