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Party decoration and fireworks: year

New Year's Eve is celebrated on the 31st of December, the last day of the year. A hilarious New Year's Eve party celebrates the end of the New Year and the beginning of the New Year all over the world. Both the decoration and the New Year's greetings, lucky pig, four-leaf clover or lucky clover and chimney sweep enjoy great popularity.

Fireworks are fired at midnight and people bump into champagne glasses to greet the New Year. At New Year you send self-designed cards or surprised family and friends with good luck charms and small gifts.

In this link collection you will find various ideas and craft instructions from New Year's decorations on rockets to New Year's gifts and lucky charms.

Decorate New Year's Eve party and New Year's Eve party yourself

Paint champagne glasses

Instructions for decorating champagne glasses for wedding, birthday or New Year's Eve

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Fireworks Picture

Fireworks made of glittering glue on dark cardboard

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Making Lucky Motives for New Year's Eve

Ideas for gifts and New Year's Eve decoration: New Year's memory, rocket decoration, calendar, pig, lucky clover, etc.

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New Year's Hat

New Year's party hat made of crepe paper, with ribbons

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make a shamrock yourself

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New Year's Eve celebration: games and party gags

How do I make candy?

Video tutorial for crafting candy for New Year's Eve or birthday

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Wax oracle for the new year

Wax, candle, water, matches easier than lead casting

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