Set up the party room and party

Almost as much fun as celebrating later makes it a party room. It should be considered in advance personal taste and the intended nature of the use. Should be danced and sociability is more desired at the table?

Party guests and drinkers

Everybody imagines something else under party. Equal to all, it should be fun and socializing in a cozy atmosphere. What is indispensable for younger partygoers can not play a role in older semesters. While some prefer a skate round or the big round table, others prefer to sit on armchairs, sofas or bar stools.

Before setting up the party cellar are mind games, which friends and acquaintances like to celebrate like, a good preparation. The heart of a party cellar is usually the bar. It can be planned both as a pure counter, behind which the drinks, glasses, music system and possibly a sink are available. With bar stools in front of it, the counter becomes a table with seating.

Set up the party room and party: party

Sitting, dancing and rearranging

The setters of a party cellar usually have a number of people in the eye who are suddenly there. Basically, there should be seating for everyone present. If the size of the party room is not enough, flexible and mobile seating options such as beer benches or folding chairs are conceivable.

If the number of guests varies, and sometimes a skate round and sometimes a birthday party, good ideas for setting up are in demand. Bar stools can disappear under an open bar and be retrieved only when needed. A large table can be adjustable and collapsible. Chairs, armchairs and sofas can be found all around the walls when a dance floor is needed.

Light, music and colors

The atmosphere in a party cellar is provided by colors and light sources. Indirect lighting and colorful walls support the party feeling. Accessories such as wall decorations, even with style breaks, may not be missing when setting up the party room. Lighting effects through a mirror ball, stroboscope or colorful running light create a festive mood.

The sound of the party cellar is of central importance to the atmosphere. The speakers should be placed so that they are aligned with the center of the room. The performance of the music system must match the capacity of the speakers. If even TV or game console evenings are planned, the sound of all devices should be switched through the speakers.

More ideas for the party cellar

  • A classic: the dartboard on the wall
  • Funny accessory: distorting mirrors
  • Parlor games from playing cards to Twistermatte keep handy
  • Refrigerator with glass door
  • Blackboard wall which is labeled with chalk

Tips & Tricks

The successful atmosphere in a party cellar consists of the right balance between cozy and functional. If you set up too many items, furniture or accessories, it can affect your mood. The same applies to an empty room.

Video Board: Basement Party Room - Lighting Demo w/ Hue Disco