Remove stains from the wallpaper

When eating quickly falls a glass or a cup. The contents often splash not only on the table but also on the wall. How can you remove such stains from the wallpaper?

These home remedies act against stains on the wallpaper

  • baking powder
  • Blotting paper and iron (with grease stains, see instructions C)
  • Eraser or leather eraser
  • Dishwashing liquid and brush (only with water and abrasion resistant wallpaper and color)
  • shaving cream
  • Bleach or oxy-products

Instructions A: For quick treatment of waterproof wallpaper

  • dish soap
  • household sponge

1. Testing

At the bottom of the wallpaper, test if the paint is holding: Put some dish soap and warm water on a sponge and rub across the wallpaper. Then look at the sponge. Did he get anything from the paint? If not, then continue. If yes, go to manual B.

2. Clean

Work the stain with detergent and water until the stain disappears. For white walls, you can also use some chlorine-based bleach or one of the Oxi products. Cooling or Eddingflecken can be removed with hard spray.

Instruction B: For treating fruit, coffee or juice stains on a white wall

  • enough baking soda
  • Dry sponge or rag
  • Trowel or similar for applying the paste

1. Stir

Put baking soda in a bowl with a little lukewarm water and mix the mixture into a creamy paste. How much paste you need depends on the size of the stain. The bigger the stain, the more you need.

2. Apply

Using the trowel, apply the paste to the stain as if you were plastering the wall. Make sure that the stain is completely covered.

Allow the mass to work until completely dry.

3. Peel off

Then loosen it by stroking with a dry cloth or sponge from top to bottom.

Instructions C: Remove grease stains from the wall

  • blotting paper
  • dish soap
  • Iron
  • sponge

1. ironing

Place the blotting paper on the stain and iron over it with the iron at the lowest level. If a grease stains on the paper, find a clean spot, place it over the stain and iron again.

Repeat this process until no more greasy stains appear on the blotting paper.

2. Remove leftovers

You can carefully remove any stains by using a sponge, warm water and a fat-soluble detergent.

Can I paint over stains on the wallpaper?

Mostly no. The stained areas take on a different color and are still visible after painting. Even if the stroking works, the spots often shimmer again after a while. Only with so-called insulating paint stains can be successfully painted over.
No matter what color you paint the wall with, you have to paint it completely because the fresh color will be whiter than the old one. If you just paint a part, it will be different in color from the rest.
So think twice about whether the effort is worthwhile or whether you can simply hide the stain behind a picture or a wall tattoo.

Video Board: how to remove stains from wallpaper