Installing a patio door retrospectively - costs in view

House owners with their own garden normally also create a terrace, but not every building has direct access to the outdoor area right from the start. Then, there is a desire to retrofit a patio door. This means creating a wall breakthrough and possibly laying a radiator, which is mounted in the outer wall. What are the costs for this construction project?

The prices of patio doors at a glance

First of all, of course, you need a patio door, which can be very different. Here is a small overview of the market prices, which can serve as a guide:

  • White plastic door measuring 53 x 180 cm: about 240 EUR
  • White plastic door with the dimensions 100 x 240 cm: about 270 EUR
  • Pinewood door with the dimensions 76 x 180 cm: about 450 EUR
  • Parallel slide sliding door made of white plastic with the dimensions 250 x 220 cm: 680 EUR

The costs for the patio door thus depend essentially on the material and the format. Doors with special safety features are of course more expensive, stainless steel models are among the highest price range. Delivery costs are added.

How much is the installation of a patio door?

At the price of the door join the installation costs, as far as you can not do this manual work yourself. Often there is still a heating in the way or an old window has to be removed.

For the installation of the patio door, you should expect about 8 hours of craftsmanship, plus materials such as dowels, screws, gasket material and mounting foam. If one hour costs 35 to 40 EUR, then that is 280 to 320 EUR exclusive material.

The relocation of a radiator is done in about 3 hours of work, here are still additional costs for material. So expect about 100 to 150 EUR for the implementation of this measure.

A price example for the subsequent installation of a patio door

A homeowner plans the subsequent installation of a patio door, she opts for a white plastic model with the dimensions 100 x 240 cm. A radiator must first be implemented.

Cost overviewprice
1st patio door270 EUR
2. Delivery costs40 EUR
3. Lay the heating150 EUR
4. Pierce the wall, install the door270 EUR
total730 EUR

Save by own contribution: Install the patio door yourself

Installing a patio door yourself is not that difficult, modern assembly foams make work easier. Just make sure to align the door with the spirit level as straight as possible and carefully seal everything around.

Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that after the wall has been pried open and the new patio door has been installed, some cosmetic repairs will be required. Above all, the transition between door frame and wall must be re-manufactured, which increases the cost.

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