Terrace furniture made of wood, rattan, metal and aluminum, weatherproof and cheap

Terrace furniture made of wood, rattan, metal and aluminum, weatherproof and cheap: furniture

In the spring and summer the Terrace for additional living space, which - like the rooms in the interior - can be freely furnished according to personal taste and cozy. The trend is increasingly in the direction oflounge furniturewho not only look smart, but create the right atmosphere and invite them to a cozy get-together. If you invest in the right materials for your purchase, you will enjoy your new lounge for many years, so that the sometimes high price will pay off again - good care is required.

Who does not want it quite so pompous, can already with fewChairs and tables to conjure up an equally beautiful atmosphere. The shouldTerrace furniture always matches the rest of the terrace style.

In order to find the best solution for you personally, we present you various options.

Terrace furniture made of polyrattan as a lounge

You do not necessarily have to visit a bar so you can sit comfortably with friends, drink cocktails and listen to relaxing music. Because in good weather you can open your own lounge on the terrace. In the conservatory, this is even possible throughout the year. On wide and therefore very comfortable patio furniture you can fall into the wonderfully comfortable cushions and will then certainly not want to get up for the rest of the evening.

Features of polyrattan furniture

Terrace furniture made of wood, rattan, metal and aluminum, weatherproof and cheap: furniture

In recent years, polyrattan garden furniture has become popular for such a lounge because it provides just that comfort we have described before. Poly rattan or rattan is a very stable, easy-care material. Their stability is due to the many braided fibers, which are formed in a complex process to individual pieces of furniture. Rattanfasern are a genuine natural product, while polyrattan furniture is artificially made from polyethylene fibers. You can recognize good rattan or polyrattan furniture on its soft and slightly rough surface. Imitations, on the other hand, are smooth and unstructured.

The variety of patio furniture made of polyrattan take on ever wider dimensions. In the meantime you no longer only get the well-known lounge furniture, which you can assemble in various combinations into seating groups, but also individual armchairs, which you can stow away in a respectable way, in which you can stack the individual seating surfaces, and thus a kind of rattan stack as Make a statue disappear in a corner.

Quality criteria for furniture made of rattan and poly rattan

Terrace furniture made of wood, rattan, metal and aluminum, weatherproof and cheap: furniture

The wide seat cushions are comfortable and easy to clean

When it comes to the lounge furniture for the terrace, pay attention not only to the quality of the rattan, but especially to the individual pillows. Low-cost substances will last for a maximum of one year, so they need to be replaced annually. That's why you should already look for an hhigh quality pay attention to the fabrics and especially the seams. Even the inside of the pillow, the upholstery, should be correspondingly thick and up do not wear out too fast, Thin upholstery offers little comfort and wears off quickly. Therefore you sit very fast on the fibers of Polyrattans with too thin cushions of your rattan furniture, which quickly becomes uncomfortable and reduces the enjoyment of your own lounge.

Everything around the terrace

Although some terrace furniture can also be used for the garden, for a lounge, a terrace makes sense on which the pieces of furniture are placed. The various possibilities for terraced construction are numerous and already begin with the different materials for the covering. So that you are fully informed and know your options, we will introduce you to all topics relating to construction and design on our consultation page terrace and balcony. Below you will find topics such as terrace pave, wooden terrace build yourself, natural stone as a terrace covering and Tips for roofing and renovation.

Terrace furniture made of wood, aluminum, metal and plastic

Terrace furniture made of wood, rattan, metal and aluminum, weatherproof and cheap: rattan

Wooden furniture is cozy and easy to clean

If a lounge on the terrace is too bulky or too expensive, you can set it up with classic patio furniture. Especially chairs are available with a rattan cover as well as completely made of wood, aluminum, metal or plastic. Plastic and aluminum are compared cheap purchases, But they do not offer the high level of quality that is given with wood or metal. Not infrequently, there are also hybrids in which the legs of the table are made of metal, while the table top is made of wood.

The right care for furniture in the outdoor area

All patio furniture needs care, regardless of which material they are made of. Plastic, aluminum and rattan need only a little care in comparison. Terrace furniture made of wood or metal should be pretreated according to the weather conditions in the outdoor area before the furniture is used. In addition, they should be repainted again and again, especially those made of wood. In this context, the tip: Especially on screws terrace furniture made of wood and metal are vulnerable. Around To avoid rustTherefore, you should put on stainless steel screws.

Ideas for terrace design

possible combinations you have a lot in the design of the terrace. You can decide between large and small tables, the number of chairs, armchairs, between folding chair or rocking chair, couch or even one Hollywood swing, The many possibilities and how you can build individual patio furniture yourself, we present you in detail on our advice page on the subject of garden furniture. There are also tips and tricks on how to cultivate patio furniture or garden furniture made of different materials.

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