Clean the terrace joints more easily

If nothing else grows in the garden, the weeds between the patio tiles usually thrive splendidly. At the latest after a few weeks it is back. But with a few minor tweaks it can be contained and removed more easily.

To simplify annoying work

Cleaning the terrace joints should at least be easy if the weeds have always returned. For example, work can be facilitated with a flame-arrester. After that, however, the terrace must be thoroughly cleaned. The weeds would otherwise consume the ashes as fertilizer.

A combination of flames and subsequent cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner is promising and probably lasts the longest.

Simple methods to clean terrace joints

  • Weeds burn up
  • vinegar water
  • high pressure cleaner
  • Joint brush - also available electrically with rotating wire brush
  • Seal joints

Tips & Tricks

As our grandmother already knew, weeds do not tolerate hot water. Whenever you have hot, boiling water left over, you should pour it on the terrace joints. Adding some dishwashing detergent will kill off the weeds even more easily.

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