Heated mushrooms - the gas heater for the terrace

Not just for restaurants: radiant heaters for the terrace

Heated mushrooms - the gas heater for the terrace: heaters

One knows patio heaters mainly from the gastronomy, where they extend the outdoor season in our latitudes. A true boom in the mushrooms sparked the general smoking ban in pubs and restaurants. More and more inns and sidewalk cafés provided warming mushrooms for the smoking clientele in the entrance areas or next to the outdoor seating areas. Meanwhile, there are already in some cities and towns Regulations, due to the high energy consumption prohibit the heating burners in public places and streets.

Nevertheless, are mushrooms also for private use a great way to extend your stay on the terrace in spring and autumn. However, since the heat in the open air passes quickly, radiant heaters should only under Pavilions and awnings or in open conservatories and tents be used. This means that the heat can not escape upwards and no unnecessary energy is wasted.

High energy consumption with gas radiators

The big disadvantage with gas radiant heaters is the high energy requirement. One important aspect that should play a role in the purchase of heated mushrooms is therefore the Cost factor for the energy supply by propane gas, With a bottle of propane gas (content: 11 kilos of gas), a heating mushroom can often only be operated for just over 10 hours.

An alternative: eco-heated mushrooms

Meanwhile, there are already the first Eco-burner, who address this problem offensively and where the gas consumption and CO2 emissions by at least half - sometimes even up to 80% - lowered has been.

In comparison to electricity-operated radiant heaters, gas radiant heaters perform significantly better in their annual balance. If one compares the energy costs and CO2 emissions concretely depending on frequency of use, then this advantage shows already in the private use on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden. Because come with regular use in the transitional months an estimated 78 operating hours per year together.

Terrace heater in the test

Our price-performance winner:

The Gas heater 13800 from Activa is one of the best in his class. Tests and customer reviews have been extremely good, so we can recommend this spotlight. The mushroom is not only light in weight, but also great in handling - despite the height of 2.15 meters, The stainless steel cladding makes it a high-quality eye-catcher on the terrace.

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