Terrace roofing - here are the prices

The prices of terrace roofing are extremely wide. Not every high price can really be explained with a particularly good quality. However, many of the cheap kits still leave much to be desired.

Material for the kit

In general, it can be said that a wooden terrace roof is cheaper than aluminum. With an aluminum kit, the builder can already judge quite well how stable the material is based on the weight of the individual struts and supports. Unfortunately this does not work so easily with wood.

Damp wood and consequential damages

But especially in a wooden kit, there are very extreme differences in quality. With a very cheap wood, drying may be lacking, which can later lead to cracks. On the other hand, damp wood can warp badly after drying.

This can damage the covering again. PVC corrugated sheets or double-skin sheets then break down quickly and even a cover made of safety glass only partially forgives such a heavy load.

Assembly or kit

Another factor in pricing is of course the assembly. For a cheap kit from the hardware store, there is usually no company that volunteers to assist with the assembly. The risks for the company are too high, because of the error rate of these kits.

In a high-quality kit for a patio roofing, most manufacturers offer optional installation for a surcharge. You have to assess yourself how far you are able to set up a kit.

Just a terrace roofing would be a good practice piece for the beginner. It takes little tools and you only need one or two dependable helpers.

Example prices for terrace roofing

Of course, these are just a few examples to illustrate the price differences of patio roofing. As always, everything is open at the top and it can also be a terrace roofing for 20,000 euros to be built.

Of course, that does not have to be the case, because in the middle segment there are very good and durable roofs.

  • Wooden construction kit 3 x 5 meters - PVC wave roofing - without installation 350 Euro
  • Wooden kit 3 x 5 meters - double bridge plates - without installation 500 Euro
  • Wooden construction kit 3 x 5 meters - laminated safety glass - with assembly 1,400 Euro
  • Wooden construction kit 5 x 6,50 meters - double bridge plates - with assembly 1.600 Euro
  • Aluminum kit 3 x 5 meters - double bridge plates - without assembly 650 Euro
  • Aluminum kit 5 x 8 meters - double bridge plates - with assembly 2.200 Euro

Tips & Tricks

If you are a seasoned home improvement, you can actually build a patio enclosure yourself without buying a kit.

However, if you are still inexperienced, it is not recommended that you buy the cheapest wooden kit, because the necessary adjustments to a badly tailored kit could be a bit difficult.

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