Concrete terrace blocks are insensitive to cleaning

Concrete terracing stones are relatively unsusceptible and can usually be hosed down easily with a high-pressure cleaner. For cleaning with particularly stubborn dirt, there are not only special chemical agents, but some natural alternatives that also help with moss infestation.

High pressure with or without cleaning agent

Terrace stones, unlike many types of patio tiles, can also tolerate a strong jet of water and high pressure technology well. In the spring after the last frosty days, it is a good time to intensively spray the surfaces with a high-pressure cleaner. In most cases, hydropower will be enough to completely eliminate mosses, algae and other organic pollutants.

A general and large-scale darkening of the terrace stones can be countered with soda or soda. In the use and mixing of the agents, as small an amount as possible should be selected and the cleaning should be enhanced with mechanical force such as scrubbing and brushing. If you want to do without chemically active agents completely, you can also apply fine sharp-edged scouring sand and work on the terrace stones. This cleaning is physically very exhausting.

How to clean your terrace stones

  • water
  • Maybe soda or
  • bicarbonate of soda
  • Moss remover
  • Special chemical cleaner for concrete
  • Maybe silicone
  • high pressure cleaner
  • scrubbing brush
  • broom
  • Maybe Mooskratzer
  • Maybe rubber gloves
  • Maybe silicone gun

1. Pre-cleaning

Sweep your terrace stones with a broom and remove any sticky or other soiling as best as possible. Evenly distributed scouring sand helps to dissolve encrusted soiling.

2. Clean the joints

If your joints are overgrown or added to moss, you must clean the joints with a moss scraper.

3. High pressure cleaning

Cut the terrace stones with clear hot water from the high-pressure cleaner stone by stone. Start on the terrace side, which borders the wall, and proceed in a downward direction.

4. Cleaning aids

If you mix in the cleaning water soda or soda, calculate one tablespoon per liter. Use rubber gloves when mixing in and cleaning. Other chemical cleaning aids such as moss cleaner must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tips & Tricks

If you add cleaning agents such as soda, soda, or other chemical ingredients to the cleaning water, you may want to protect any plants that may be adjacent to the patio. For example, a silicone strip applied to the terrace edge can form a barrier that can easily be removed again after cleaning.

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