Clean patio tiles with home remedies - tricks and tricks

Cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner may not like high-quality patio tiles. They get dirty faster and faster. Home remedies are a better choice, as even chemical cleaners are unsuitable because they pollute the soil.

High-pressure cleaner and chemical cleaner - never to return

The pressure washer will damage both the joints and the panels. In the case of coated patio tiles, the high-pressure cleaner is in any case prohibited, as it permanently bites and removes the coating.

The chemical cleaners are not good for the environment. Many may not care. But these cleaners are also potentially harmful to the user and his family. After cleaning, these toxins seep into the beds and lawns around the patio.

The cleaners are not even as effective as advertising always promises. Especially against moss they are often completely ineffective in the long run.

Home remedies spare the expensive plates

Which agent is effective for which stain depends above all on the material of the patio tiles. Generally, dishwashing with a scrubbing brush is always a good idea. If you want to control the moss at the same time, use boiling water with detergent and then wash well with clear water.

Clean the terrace slabs with home remedies step by step

The only downside to the home remedies is, of course, that you have to work much harder with even the best instructions than with other remedies. But it pays off after all and the terrace becomes beautiful without any chemicals.

  • dish soap
  • lemon juice
  • vinegar
  • baby powder
  • Bucket of metal
  • scrubbing brush
  • brush
  • broom

1. Sweep and rinse

In first gear, clean the terrace with a broom and the garden hose. Be careful not to rinse the joints when working with the hose.

2. Remove rust stains

Some furniture or accessory for the terrace shows after a few days in the open air but a little rust. You can remove this with lemon juice and hot water. However, you may need to apply this method multiple times.

3. Scrubber and dishwashing liquid

Coarse dirt and most food stains that are smeared on the patio slabs can easily be removed with hot water and detergent.

4. Grease stains from grilling

Often you have a few splashes on the terrace floor after grilling. These can instantly sprinkle with a little baby powder. Let the powder feed a day, or pull the fat into the powder. Later, you can just sweep it away.

5. Moss and greening

If the terrace is starting to show a greenish tint, stir in some vinegar or citric acid in hot water. Then you have to work with the scrubber all green areas and rinse with plenty of cold water.

Tips & Tricks

For some natural stones, vinegar and citric acid can cause discoloration. Marble and granite like to react to acid with brownish discoloration. Therefore, you should first try this method on a corner.