Pavement slabs 30 × 30 price

A popular standard measure for paving slabs are 30 x 30 centimeter squares. Three plates form a comfortable width of ninety centimeters, enough to avoid an oncoming person. The size of the single plate also allows a single installation with secure tread for each step.

If walker plates are needed for walkways and paths on a private property, the dimensions of 30 × 30 centimeters are very flexible. Changes in direction can be implemented in a space-adapted way and every walkway slab provides a safe footing for a foot step. Compared to the prices for 50 × 50 paving slabs, the smaller slabs are more favorable to the area, which is primarily due to the larger size of the larger pieces.

Especially for larger areas and also used by vehicles sidewalks are often preferred larger and stronger pavement slabs. The calculation of prices for paving slabs can be additionally influenced by the size selection, however, determines the type of paving slabs the price significantly.

Materials for paving slabs

Pavement slabs can be made of natural stone, concrete, shell limestone or ceramics such as terracotta. Ceramics are rarely used to create a garden path, as only more expensive frost-resistant products come into question. The standard thickness for paving slabs of 30 × 30 centimeters is five centimeters. Many vendors carry thicknesses up to eight centimeters, which are mainly used in antique refurbished optics.

So much cost 30 × 30 centimeter walkway panels

Simple pavement slabs made of concrete with a gray shot peened surface range in the price range between twelve and twenty euros per square meter. Enriched with color pigments, for example in red or beige, the price per square meter can rise to twenty euros. Pavement slabs of shell limestone and ceramics cost between 15 and 25 euros, natural stone slabs are very dependent on the variety. From about twenty euros, a first selection begins.

How to save

Sidewalk tiles in the format 30 × 30 are a much sought after and often used size. The used market, for example, on the Internet is very large and you can almost always find a bargain.

Tips & Tricks

A good and inexpensive alternative to natural stone are pavement slabs of basalt chippings, which cost around ten euros per square meter.

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