Walkway concrete slabs have low prices

Pavement slabs are made of natural stone, ceramic or concrete. The diverse processing options of concrete create a very large selection of optics that are very similar to natural stone. The prices for concrete paving slabs are well below any natural stone.

Standard sizes and surface

Walkways often have the standard widths of ninety centimeters or one meter. Therefore, the majority of square walkway slabs are offered in the measure 30 × 30 centimeters with four to five centimeters strength or in the measure 50 × 50 centimeters with five to six centimeters strength. Converted to the area, the prices for the 50 × 50 paving slabs are around ten percent higher than for the smaller side dimensions.

Almost all types of optics and surface finishes are produced by concrete works as mass-produced goods. The prices for concrete paving slabs are also in the low range for colored and chamfered products. For ceramic and natural stone slabs, the material chosen is decisive and the price range is open at the top. Important for concrete products is the frost resistance, which is achieved by special cement mix proportions. But even if pavement slabs should break due to frost or mechanical stress, the replacement is inexpensive and quick.

Skid resistance is important

A crucial feature for paving slabs is the skid resistance in all weather conditions. Surefootedness is achieved by appropriate surface treatment. If the surface is rough sharpened, it offers already unprocessed tread and slip resistance. Other mechanical processes such as bossing, scratching and sticking create structures on the sidewalk slabs, which also help to ensure safe appearance.

Both directly after installation and at a later date, fine quartz sand is often glued to the surface with special synthetic resin on smooth pavement slabs. Various manufacturers and refurbishment companies are using glass powder as anti-slip coating. Roasting with grains can also be done in stripes on the sidewalk. Another processing technique is the use of hydrochloric acid. With it, the surfaces of the pavement slabs are loosened so that they roughen themselves.

Colored pavement slabs made of concrete

  • Black is produced by mixed basalt powder
  • Iron and copper powder turns green or brown
  • Powders of marble, glass or limestone can achieve transparent or luminous effects

That's how much sidewalk tiles cost

Pavement concrete slabs start in the simplest versions in gray from around ten euros per square meter. The majority of products in all colors and rectangular shapes are around 15 euros. With paints, glazes or anti-slip jobs you can calculate with up to twenty euros per square meter.

How to save

The biggest secondary cost factor is the transport of the paving slabs. Buy from a dealer in your area or try to join a group transport to your area.

Tips & Tricks

Always buy some spare plates for your sidewalks, so you can quickly and easily replace defective specimens in case of later damage.

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