Paving stones bones - tips and prices

The paving stones in bone form are a very functional composite utility plaster. The standardized dimensions enable mechanical laying on large areas. The interlocking of the individual paving stones together creates a high load stability.

Standard dimensions facilitate calculation

The bone paving stones are managed by all producers of concrete products in the basic assortment. With the bones produced according to the German industrial standard DIN EN 1338 a very precise calculation of the demand is possible. The paving stone measure in length is twenty centimeters, in width 16.5 centimeters. Depending on the expected load, the standard thicknesses are eight, ten and twelve centimeters. Strengths of 15 and 18 centimeters are also offered for special loads such as industrial areas or driving yards. The standard dimensions of each bone provide for the need of 35 paving stones per square meter. The planning of the subsoil and the calculation of the transport costs can be calculated in advance in advance. The 35 paving stones weigh 180 kilograms in the thickness of eight centimeters, with ten centimeters it is 220 kilograms and at twelve centimeters you have to move 265 kilograms and embarrassed.

Four standard colors available

The bones are offered by most manufacturers in the cheapest color gray concrete concrete color without color pigments. For square meter prices from eight euros, the paving stones are available. Anthracite and red are other common colors, for which you have to calculate around twelve euros per square meter. A slightly more expensive variant is white bones, which get their color through the addition of quartzite. Here, the square meter prices are around 15 to 18 euros. Some manufacturers create a drainable composite patch that complies with the standard outer dimensions by modifying the bone slightly. Triangular recesses on the ends of the paving stones produce seepage chambers which have no influence on the stability of the plaster. Depending on the color you have to expect about two euros more per square meter.