Buy paving stones in anthracite

The color anthracite can be referred to as a standard color in natural stone paving. The dark and shiny gray owes its name to the anthracite coal and develops a warm visual effect. The color bordering on black, which is also somewhat similar to shale, is a standard color both in natural granite deposits and in the coloring of concrete paving stones. Paving stones with irregularly distributed lighter and darker colored surfaces are called a nuanced gray anthracite. In the case of pure anthracite staining, the typical grain structures are discernible despite the relatively dark surfaces.

Concrete paving stones look very high quality or antique

The color anthracite evokes a very high-quality looking optical appearance. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for concrete products that are "trimmed" by appropriate surface treatment to antique. Bumpy surfaces and intentional non-uniform edge guides create concrete stone with anthracite base color the impression of natural stone and depending on the processing intensity an old and antique-looking appearance. Examples can be found on the internet at or In addition to square and rectangular paving stone shapes, all other conventional plaster bandages in anthracite can also receive this visual impression. Composite pavements such as bone stones are also produced and offered in anthracite. In price, the concrete paving stones in anthracite range between ten and 25 euros per square meter.

Among anthracite natural stones, granite is the most common

Although granite is found in a very wide range of colors, the color anthracite is one of the most common variants. The result is also the countless cobblestones, especially in European inner and old cities, which were laid hundreds of years ago in anthracite coloration. The frequency of emergence makes the market for paving stones in anthracite accordingly large. You have the choice between newly dismantled granite paving stones or also used copies from many deconstructions in the public space. If you ask the building yard in your region, paving stones in anthracite are almost certainly available in case of dismantling projects. Almost every specialized trade or quarry has the color anthracite on offer, as can be found at

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