Gift for home improvement

Gift for home improvement: Christmas tree

The Christmas tree for the home improvement - © Thommy Weiss /

Sure thing: The German home improvement builds his own gift rather - yet a small attention to the party is certainly not wrong. But it is often not easy to find the right Christmas present. A cordless screwdriver from Salzteig, a workbench for the Nativity scene (Joseph was a carpenter!), The foliage-sawn hammer for the Christmas tree? You are welcome to get creative beyond our suggestions!

Tool under the Christmas tree

The most beautiful Christmas gifts for DIY enthusiasts are of course great tools: A powerful cordless screwdriver, of course, with the right bits, Dad will already run on Christmas Eve to top form. So before you put the Christmas tree on the ceiling, you might want to show him your second present: Digital meters are very much in vogue at the moment. So at least some measure can be taken before the beginning of the rabid do-it-yourself actionism.

Giving with personality

What a gift needs, of course, above all is personality, that is, if you already have socks and ties, then monogrammed. However, personal Christmas gifts can also be designed much more creative: How about, for example, with a nice family photo in a self-made frame, funny towel holders for the whole family or a fresh tiled bathroom with name mosaic for the spouse? We deliberately want to set no limits to the wealth of ideas and the scale of your efforts.

Pack gifts, but right

Of course, a nice gift is always just as beautiful as packing it and packing Christmas presents is a challenge especially for men. The packaging muffle split into two fractions: one cuts off too little gift paper and mend it, the other wrapped a generous multi-layered "gift sausage" together. In both cases, one could equally well omit the paper. Therefore: Get help - for beautifully packaged items under the Christmas tree.

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