The cripple whale roof

The cripple hipped roof is a popular roof form. On the one hand it offers numerous advantages, on the other hand it is also a historic roof form with a long tradition. The crippled whale roof neutralizes some of the disadvantages of the hipped roof in order to benefit from the advantages of a gable roof.

The hipped roof in general

Hipped roofs have a long tradition in many regions of Germany. At first glance, a hipped roof looks like a saddleback roof. But instead of the gable walls on the front sides here is also an inclined roof area. Thus, the hipped roof has no gable surfaces. This also means a restriction in the living space, because through the roof slope on the house front faces is significantly lost area.

The advantages of the hipped roof

But the hipped roof has numerous advantages. It is much better weatherproof than a conventional pitched roof. In regions with high wind and rainfall, it is therefore an often used roof shape. In addition, the front roof surfaces form a triangle from the ridge on the side (ridge to the main roof surface) over the eaves.

The cripple whale roof: roof

Disadvantages hipped roof to advantages of crippled hipped roof

This triangle significantly enhances the roof structure for a hipped roof. Thus, this roof shape is also much more resistant and more durable. Thus, the hipped roof is almost the perfect roof - if it were not for the loss of living space through the hive on each side. So one has come up with the idea to shorten the whale simply - like a scoop. Then this whale looks in a way crippled.

The cripple whale roof

Out of these two characteristics have established different names for this particular hipped roof.

  • hipped roof
  • hipped roof

However, the term "Krüppelwalmdach" is heard much more often. Even with the crippled hipped roof, the rafters form a solid construction triangle over the eaves, which significantly reinforces the roof truss and thus the entire roof.

Benefits saddle roof and hipped roof united: Krüppelwalmdach

At the same time, however, the disadvantages of a conventional hipped roof are eliminated. There is no roof pitch inside the attic, which would cost space over the entire room height. Often, the crippled whale is designed so that even only above the roof space has an impact. Thus, a crippled roof can offer the same space advantage as a saddle roof, but is significantly more massive in its construction.

The crippled roof is often a cost issue

These are all reasons that make the cripple hipped roof extremely popular. However, this roof shape time and material consuming. This also increases the costs of the roof truss and the roofing. However, compared to a traditional gable roof, you should always make a long-term cost comparison with respect to a crippled-roof roof. Because the bottom line is the Krüppelwalmdach, as already mentioned, significantly more durable. So it can save money overall and amortized over the decades.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the crippled roof, there are other hipped roof versions. For example, the Fußwalmdach. Here, the eaves ends at the same height with the eaves of the large lateral roof areas, however, the whale begins clearly below the ridge. This results in a small gable above the haunch. This design is common in Asia.

A special form between Krüppelwalmdach and Fußwalmdach is the Niedersachsen gable roof. The haunch begins below the ridge, the eaves also ends above the eaves of the large roof areas.

With a crippled roof you get a trapezoidal gable area.

The Krüppelwalmdach is a particularly efficient protective roof in regions with a lot of wind and rain, because it protects the roof truss by the respective Krüppelwalm on both front sides. At the same time, the crippled whale can also be used as a sunscreen for an underlying balcony.

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