Pellet heating costs

The wood pellet heating is a real alternative. It is operated with renewable raw materials, namely small pellets made of sawdust, has an efficiency of about 90%, is inexpensive from the cost of heating and serves climate protection. As a developer planning a new building, one should examine the subject more closely. But even existing buildings can be retrofitted with this environmentally friendly heating system.

What parts is the pellet heating system made of?

The essential components are the wood pellet boiler and the storage room. One expects a single-family home with a consumption of about 4.5 tons of pellets annually. With a delivery per year, a storage room of only 4.5 m² is sufficient. A screw conveyor or suction system transports the pellets to the boiler, where they burn with only a small amount of residue. These ash residues can be disposed of in normal household waste. It makes sense to install a buffer memory, which compensates for differences between the amount of heat generated and consumed and thus ensures better efficiency. The wood pellet boiler is available in several variations. There is a fully automatic boiler, in which, as described, the pellets are automatically transported to the boiler, then the semi-automatic version. Here is a storage above the boiler, which must be refilled approximately every two weeks. In addition, pellet stoves are offered which, like the traditional tiled stove, support the central heating and are filled by hand.

Where do you get such heating and how high are the costs?

Installation companies for pellet heating can be found on the Internet. Certainly, the initial costs are significantly higher than for comparable gas or oil central heating, but the high efficiency and the lower operating costs, the costs amortized quickly. There is also a state subsidy for pellet heating. You can also save by comparing the individual offers, so it makes sense to get several non-binding offers. The prices for a complete heating, which was installed by the specialist company, are approximately at 10,000.00 to 14.000,00 Euro. For the experienced do-it-yourselfer, the opportunity to save a lot on their own account opens up.

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