The pent roof - practical roof, low cost

The pent roof is becoming increasingly popular in the field of single-family homes and apartment blocks. It is easy to plan and the roof structure consumes little material: So come the relatively low cost.

Pult roof costs are below those of a saddle roof

The very simple construction of the pitched roof causes the total cost to be below that of a saddle roof. The attic is usually less concentrated and therefore better usable, even for energy-efficient houses, the pent roof is particularly well.

Another financial advantage is that the roof of the pent roof is a very free choice of roofing method, because the roof pitch is so low.

The pent roof - practical roof, low cost: pent

So you can, in order to save more money, choose a particularly favorable covering. You may also consider a green roof for you and benefit from municipal subsidies in this context.

A pent roof has on average a 30% smaller roof area than a pitched roof on the same house. This is also a reason for the lower costs - and the lower energy loss.

You also save with a pent roof on the cost of the roof drainage system: you only need for one side of the house gutter including downpipes.

Since the living space in a penthouse always pulls directly under the roof, you should invest in a particularly high - and therefore expensive - thermal insulation. The much smaller roof area compared to the pitched roof makes up for the higher costs.

Note not only the lower costs for a Puldach, but also the special design options: Several roof sections can be wonderfully combined at different heights. The result is a sweeping roof landscape that is aesthetically superior to a pitched roof.

Costs for the pent roof in concrete numbers

In the construction of the pitched roof, both the middle purlin and the throat beam position are eliminated compared to the pitched roof. With a rafter construction for 75 square meters roof area you should count on costs of approximately 8.000 to 10.000 EUR.

Cost example pent roof with flat roof tiles

A passive house receives a 75 square meter pent roof, which is covered with simple flat roof tiles. For the roofer fall before the covering some preliminary work.

Cost overviewprice
1. Costs for the pent roof9,500 euros
2. Preliminary work for roofing1,100 EUR
3. Roofing with flat roof tiles3,000 EUR
total13,600 EUR

Use the pent roof for energy

Low-pitch roof pitches and matching orientation are particularly effective for solar power generation. Many passive houses therefore have a pent roof. Thus, the owners of a Puldachhauses can save a lot of money - and even earn something by network feed.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire about the possibility of extensive green roofs for your pent roof! Such a roof contributes to thermal insulation and probably saves you some sewage fees for sealed surfaces.

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