The pent roof - there are also disadvantages

The pent roof has many advantages in construction, but of course there are disadvantages in this roof shape. For example, anyone who thinks that a pent roof would be particularly easy to construct and hardly needs planning, is mistaken.

Save or generate energy

With a pent roof, you can almost only save energy between the two variants or decide to generate energy yourself on the roof.

Either the house is built facing south or southwest to open the large higher wall of the house towards the sun, or one pulls down the long pent roof in that direction to install a solar system on it. Unfortunately, both are not possible at the same time.

The pent roof - there are also disadvantages: disadvantages


To the insulation of the roof many demands are made on a pent roof. So that the roof can meet these wishes, the insulation should be chosen more than sufficiently strong.

Although a pent roof does not have all the disadvantages of a flat roof, but depending on the angle of inclination and sunlight must be well prepared for the summer months, if the rooms under the roof should not become a sauna.


Depending on the roof pitch, a pent roof must be sealed as well as a flat roof. On the higher side of the house, the connection of wall and roof must be carefully and accurately worked.

Disadvantages of the pent roof

  • Energy production only at the expense of living comfort possible
  • Strong insulation required
  • Waterproofing between roof and wall
  • Independent roof cleaning only from a certain inclination

Tips & Tricks

Even when cleaning the roof a compromise is difficult. If you choose a pitched roof with only a slight incline, you will have to clean the roof from time to time, because the roof's self-cleaning only starts at a roof pitch of about ten or 15 degrees, depending on how it is covered.

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