Perfect for underfloor heating: tiles in plank look

Underfloor heating is spreading more and more. With tiles in plank look you get the cosiness of wood look together with the excellent thermal conductivity of tiles in the house. No wooden floor achieves the energy efficiency and warm-up speed of tiles.

Thermal conductivity over wood

In times of high energy prices and increased environmental awareness, household energy consumption plays an increasingly important role. In particular, the optimized use of heating energy can raise significant saving potential. In underfloor heating, the heat permeability of the overlying flooring is crucial.

As an approximate rule of thumb, wood floors are three to fivefold worse in thermal conductivity than tiles. On the one hand, this influences the speed with which a room is heated to the desired pleasant temperature and, on the other hand, the permanent consumption of heating heat.

Other advantages over wood

  • The choice of decors and wood types is unlimited, as the visual design of the tile surfaces has no effect on the thermal conductivity.
  • Depending on the tile type and thickness, the heat will be stored for a while even after the heat is switched off.
  • The "foot warmth" is given and with cool outside temperatures can be regulated with heat supply in the smallest extent the heat of occurrence always and fast.
  • Professionally laid tiles in plank look are completely insensitive to moisture and water, which makes them the ideal flooring or wall covering in wet rooms, if wood decor is desired.

Price ranges and examples

  • At tiles in plank look for the floor are available from around forty euros per square meter.
  • Cheap wall tiles from twenty euros per square meter offers, where the abrasion class IV excludes the floor laying.

Tips & Tricks

The larger the surface of laid tiles in plank look, the less people like a dull look. The more the tiles are structured, the duller the overall appearance.

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