Perfect for smaller roofs - corrugated bitumen roofing tiles

For covering smaller roofs such as carports, garden sheds or tool sheds bitumen roofing tiles are a popular material due to their low price and ease of processing. The mostly wave-shaped roof panels are simply nailed and provide reliable protection.

Waterproof in standard colors

One of the easiest, quickest and least expensive ways to cover a roof is to use bitumen roofing tiles. A corrugated fibrous body is soaked in bitumen and thus obtains a long-lasting waterproofness.

The surfaces of bitumen roofing tiles can be left untreated or dyed with resin or acrylic paints. As standard colors almost all manufacturers offer black, red, brown and green. The vapor permeability of modern acrylic paints avoids waterlogging in the roof panels.

Easy installation

Mounting bitumen roofing tiles is easier than with any other material. They are nailed with special nails on rafters or roof rails. The low weight requires no reinforcements or particularly stable roof substructures. Despite the ease of installation, a few points have to be considered in order to create a reliable and durable roof.

  • The central requirement for a roof covered with bituminous roofing tiles is the generous rear ventilation in order to ensure constant drying out. For open buildings such as carports and patio roofs, this does not have to be taken into account.
  • When assembling, use special nails that have a plastic head that covers the nail hole and prevents water from entering or traversing.
  • In addition to the fixing nails, the bitumen roofing tiles should not receive any more nail holes, so as not to create any potential weak spots in the material. Any gutter attachments should be attached to the roof substructure such as the eaves bar.

Online retailer and price

  • produces corrugated bitumen roofing sheets from the manufacturer Onduline.
  • offers online to the roof panels detailed mounting instructions.

The prices for roof tiles are usually given per piece. The standard dimensions are around two times one meter. A roof plate costs from ten euros.

Tips & Tricks

If the roof pitch is less than seven degrees, separate structural substructure precautions must be taken to ensure adequate drainage.

Video Board: Coroline Bitumen Installation Guide