Perfect hygiene: How to disinfect your fridge!

Despite all the cold, numerous germs are still growing in the refrigerator, which proliferate under less hygienic conditions. Listeria, for example, is one of the cold-tolerant bacteria, occurring on both animal and plant foods. In addition to a regular interior cleaning a refrigerator should therefore also be disinfected again and again in between!

Germs form an invisible biofilm

The most unpleasant thing about the microorganisms in the fridge is that you can not see them. You get out of not quite fresh food to the inner walls and shelves and form a fine biofilm.

From there, the germs pass over to the freshly supplied food and may develop their pathogenic effects as soon as they reach the stomach. The only effective remedy is a thorough cleaning including disinfection.

Clean and disinfect the refrigerator properly

Before you disinfect your refrigerator, first remove all dirt and thus most of the already formed biofilm. You do not need expensive special cleaners, a normal household cleaner is completely sufficient.

The cleaning agent already kills numerous bacteria, by carefully wiping them then finally leave the fridge. Then simply use diluted vinegar essence to disinfect.

The use of chemical disinfectants on the other hand is not advisable as these products should better not come into contact with food. The power of vinegar is completely sufficient to create a pleasant hygienic situation.

How often should you disinfect the fridge?

A brief disinfection of the refrigerator after each cleaning can not hurt. About every 2 to 4 weeks, this procedure should be carried out, because the germs are always new - but the regular cleaning they receive only a small amount of nutrient medium.

In order to minimize the formation and spread of bacteria, we recommend the following additional, relatively simple measures:

  • Dispose of spoiled food quickly
  • Immediately wipe off spilled liquids thoroughly
  • Remove fat and other food residue on the spot
  • Always open the refrigerator door only briefly, remove food quickly
  • pay attention to the cold zones when placing in order to slow the spread of germs
  • spatially separate raw food and ready-to-eat food

Tips & Tricks

Always keep things in the refrigerator, so you keep the overview much better. In messy refrigerators, one or two foods sometimes "disappear" and then go unnoticed.

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