Perfect conservatory - planning is crucial

It seems so easy, but the planning of a winter garden is almost as extensive as that of a whole house. Many important aspects, such as the planning permission, have to be done long before the actual construction of a conservatory.

Three basic forms of different conservatories

The first and probably most important decision in the planning of the winter garden takes place between the three classic basic forms of conservatories. Often, this is unconsciously met before. But not always the first thought or desire is feasible.

Unheated glass construction

The first variant is the unheated conservatory. This can also be easily build yourself. In many cases, existing terrace roofs will be further developed over time with old windows to more or less provisional winter gardens.

Classic conservatory

The classic winter garden is indeed completely closed and under certain circumstances also provided with insulating glazing, but has no heating. Here, however, plants can be wintered well and on sunny days, it can also be used as a seat.

Residential winter garden

The third solution is the residential conservatory, which is heated and insulated. This does not have to be completely outside the house, but it can also offer at least a part of the house a sunny living space.

Planning permission for the conservatory

In most cases, a building permit for a conservatory will be necessary. But you should ask the local building authority well. If you have commissioned an architect with the planning, he will take all the necessary steps.

Kit or massive conservatory construction

There are numerous models that you can get as a kit for a conservatory. Although you have less freedom in the selection of the individual details, but there is also a lot of work in the planning away. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much they prefer to have an individually planned winter garden.

  • Kit as a leaning or free-standing conservatory
  • Winter garden made of aluminum profiles with plastic or aluminum windows
  • massive construction with set walls
  • integrated conservatory in the house

Conservatory or orangery

A special form of the conservatory is the filigree orangery. It offers a very special flair and a very nice look. But an orangery, in addition to its price, also has its drawbacks, because it is usually not good enough to insulate in order to make sensible use of heating in the interior.

The filigree braces usually can not carry a double-glazed window and also require a lot of maintenance, as they often have to be repainted with a corrosion protection depending on the residential area.

Create living space with the conservatory

If you want to use the conservatory as an extra living space in winter, just as you call it, you can not avoid good insulation and double glazing. Equally essential for a residential winter garden is a heater.

Of course, there is the question of whether the winter garden can and should be connected to the heating system of the house. If the winter garden is further away from the house, this will not make sense, because on the way too much of the expensive heat is lost.

Residential winter garden - the important aspects

  • Insulation of roof and floor
  • Glazing double or triple
  • Connection to the heating or island solution

Covering the conservatory

For unheated conservatories numerous different coverings are possible. Whether clear PVC corrugated sheets or double-skin sheets is almost only a matter of taste or price. But in a heated conservatory, the roofing of the roof must prevent heat loss and be correspondingly massive.

If you want to use a real home conservatory throughout the year, you should not necessarily choose a completely glazed roof, because then in the summer months a lot of additional shading is necessary. Here is often a flat or pitched roof better suited, in which one integrated roof windows or domes.

Classic doors or sliding elements?

Large sliding elements, the conservatory can be opened wide in the garden out. They provide barrier-free access and great comfort. But they are usually much more expensive than a classic patio door.

Terrace doors, on the other hand, often have a complete frame depending on the price range, which can become a trip hazard on the floor. But they are hardly more expensive than a normal window and can be easily tilted to air.

Important points summarized in the planning of a winter garden

  • building permit
  • foundation
  • glazing
  • door elements
  • covering
  • shading
  • heater
  • plants

Tips & Tricks

Have a look at some conservatories with friends that suit you and then inform you. With the help of an existing conservatory, you can easily eradicate the potential disadvantages and plan your own winter garden perfectly for yourself. Frequently, the one in the circle of friends, who is the last to plan a winter garden, gets the most beautiful and perfect room. So, do not rush!

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