Specifications for the cost of a new roof truss


  • Roof construction type: Roof truss - Lumber
  • Rooftop chair design: purlin roof chair
  • Snow load zone: snow load zone 1a
  • Wood consumption per roof area [m3 / m2]: 0.08
  • Version rafter attachment: anchor rail and rafter holder
  • Execution postponement: without
  • Component type: roof construction

Cost 10,040 €

Performed work

Bohle deliver spruce / fir D 50mm B 160-300mm stiffening construction

  • Scantlings deliver spruce / fir C24 to 14 / 16cm roof truss
  • Setting Installation / Laying Bohle D 50mm B 300mm stiffening construction
  • A

  • tying up / laying construction timber up to 14 / 16cm roof truss
  • Simple offset ratchet head
  • Beam shoe steel galvanized up to 0,2kg
  • Lochblechpl. Steel galvanized D 2mm
  • Windrispenband steel verz B / D 40 / 2mm
  • Angle connector steel galvanized up to 0,2kg
  • Sparrenhalter steel galvanized D 2mm
  • Install mounting rail steel galvanized profile 40/22

Tips & Tricks

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Video Board: Building Roof truss systems for shed, barn, or a tiny house by Jon Peters