Specifications for the roofing

  • Component: roof area 44 m²
  • Tile shape: double trough folding tile
  • Roofing technology: fasten according to the rules for coverages
  • Format roof tile: standard format, requirement less than or equal to 15 pcs / m2
  • Technology Coloring tiles: with self-cleaning coating
  • Color: natural red
  • Internal coating Roofing joints: Transverse and longitudinal joints
  • Underground roofing / wall covering / formwork / clothing: existing battens
  • Roof slope range [degrees]: over 35 to 40
  • Building material, coverage: roof tiles
  • Roof shape: pitched roof

* Note: only the covering of the roof area was considered, no design of eaves and verges, no ridge designs

** Scaffolding (roof scaffold) was not included in the example

Tips & Tricks

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