Pergola Awning

The pergola awning combines the features of an awning with the advantages of a fixed pergola.

Pergola Awning: awning

bbs / Cc. What could be more enjoyable than having a party with friends on the terrace or on the balcony and greeting the spring in a good mood? But often such fun comes to a sudden end when the weather changes.

While some have to break off their celebration at the first drop, the others will not be bothered. They just extend their party - with a single push of a button, which protects you from weather changes and at the same time provides a Mediterranean flair. Because all this modern rain and sun protection systems like the Pergola awning Miranda (

This weather-resistant aluminum construction combines the features of an awning with the advantages of a fixed pergola. As a result, it protects against intense sunlight and offers with its specially impregnated cloth (model P8000) - or safety glass roofing, on-site (model VetroP7000) - one excellent rain protection, The pergola awning was developed by the Klaiber sun and weather protection technology GmbH from Forst in Baden. The innovative construction has an electric motor as standard, with which the swing from the awning to the pergola can be carried out at the push of a button. An optionally available lighting system ensures pleasant, warm light.

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