Useful life of the coffee machine

You want to copy your coffee machine? Then you need to know about the life of your coffee maker. We explain which service life is specified and how and when it is possible to sell your coffee machine tax deductible in the same year.

Useful life of a coffee machine

You can read about the useful life of fixed assets online in the so-called depreciation tables of the Federal Ministry of Finance. Here, however, neither office supplies nor "general-purpose assets" contain information on fully automatic coffee machines or coffee machines. In the category "Hospitality", however, an entry can be found to "coffee maker (elec.)". Here, a useful life of 5 years is given.

Tax deductible coffee machines

If you purchase a coffee machine for your office or business, you can deduct it for tax purposes. At a purchase cost of up to 410 euros, it can be sold in the same year of purchase. However, if the costs exceed 410 euros, they must be amortized over 5 years as a collective item. For some companies with tight budgets that puts a lot of pressure on the wallet. After all, you have the expenses at once, but the tax bill runs over years. But you can handle that with a trick: leasing.

Lease instead of buying

Instead of buying the coffee machine directly, you can simply "pay off" or lease it. Here you pay a monthly fixed price, a kind of rent, and have a fixed contract period. After completing this lease, you can take over the device. The monthly fees can be deducted as current operating expenses in the same year. Although this will put you off the coffee machine for several years, but you also have the costs over several years. Find out here how much such a lease costs and what you should pay attention to.

Borrowing instead of buying

Another variant is the lending of a coffee machine. This is useful if you want to try the device first and want to see how it is accepted by the employees. The monthly installments are often lower than for leasing and the contract terms are significantly shorter: For example, fully automatic coffee machines can only be stored for a few days, e.g. be rented for larger events. Learn here what to look for when renting a coffee machine.

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