Paint PET bottles from outside or inside

The plastic PET is as light or heavy as all other plastics to paint. In order to achieve a reasonably durable result, only wall thicknesses that are common with reusable bottles should be selected. The thinner versions of the disposable models cause paint jobs to break and tear due to their elasticity.

Plastic adhesive for support

Due to their elasticity, plastics such as PET are only of limited suitability for painting. To achieve a basic adhesion, the plastic can be easily roughened. It is helpful to add plastic glue to the applied paint when it is painted.

A more promising alternative is the spraying of paint. It can be applied in several very thin layers. A transparent adhesive primer can favorably affect the durability and hiding power. As a bonding agent, the adhesive applied evenly before painting ensures that the paint bonds with the substrate.

Bottle from inside "paint"

A special solution can be implemented with colorless PET bottles. Paint is poured into the bottle and distributed by turning the bottle on the inner walls. After the first drying operation, further passes are made until the desired coverage and uniformity is achieved.

How to paint PET bottles

  • spray paint
  • Emery paper with 200- to 400-grit
  • Possibly plastic adhesive
  • water

1. Clean

Remove any grease when cleaning plastic bottles. If you want to dye the bottle from the inside, shake the bottle with detergent solution and then with clear water until no foam bubbles occur.

2. Roughing

Take the sandpaper and work the surface of the PET bottle. You should grind "crosswise". Try to loop in a short "chaotic" pattern if possible. This increases the durability of the impacting paint.

3. Fill up

Fill the PET bottle about three-quarters with water to give it stability and to reduce its elasticity.

4. Spray

Spray the varnish in a layer as thin as possible, so that a cover is created. The thinner and more numerous paint layers on the PET bottle land, the greater the chances of success.

Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that when using plastic glue, the tools are usually unusable after use.

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