Petra coffee maker simply descale

Descaling a Petra coffee machine is easy, as the manufacturer has installed a special descaling program. Below we explain how to use it step by step and how to decalcify your Petra coffee machine.

The right descaling agent

When you buy your Petra coffee pod machine, the pack comes with a descaling agent. This is recommended by the manufacturer for all decalcification passes. The remedy is called Durgol Special Descaler and two vials with 125ml (one vial per decalcification) currently cost just under 8 euros online (as of July 2015). Alternatively, after you have used up the supplied product, you can also descale with vinegar essence or denture cleaner. Find the right mixing ratio for decalcification with vinegar essence here.

Descale the Petra coffee machine step by step

1. Preparations

Empty the water tank and put in the 125ml vial decalcifier. Alternatively, you can fill the tank with one-fifth of your home-made vinegar-water essence.

Place a large enough container under the spout where the coffee usually drips. The container should be able to hold at least 625ml.

Place an empty brewing cassette in the brewing chamber and seal it well.

2. Start the run

Turn on your Petra coffee pod machine. It will flash red to indicate that the water tank is not full. Now add clear tap water - or your water-vinegar mix - until the light stops flashing and stays lit.

For the descaling cycle, there is a special key combination: Press the two outer buttons at the same time until a yellow light comes on.

Then you can release the keys and the descaling program starts automatically.

3. Rinse

When the program has run through, the machine flashes red and green. Empty the container and fill the water tank with clear water.

Now carry out two flushing cycles to flush out the detergent or the vinegar essence and thus prevent any impairment of the taste in the coffee.
To do this, place your collecting container under the spout again and press the start button. Perform at least two idle runs.

4. Wash items

To get your coffee pad machine really clean, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the pad cassette and the spout in the dishwasher.

Tips & Tricks

How often you should descale your Petra coffee pod machine depends on the water hardness and the frequency of use. In soft water and infrequent use, two decalcifications are sufficient per year. For frequent use and / or very hard, ie calcareous water, you should descale your Petra coffee machine every few months.

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