Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for petrol hedge trimmer comparison or test 2018

  • Gasoline powered hedge trimmers are power hedge trimmers powered by a gasoline internal combustion engine. Since no cable is required for mains operation, gasoline hedge trimmers are particularly suitable for large hedges and extensive back and form cutting work.
  • The motors of these hedge trimmers are more powerful than the drives of electric and battery-powered devices. Thus they also create heavily lignified hedges with thick branch diameters.
  • However, hedge trimmers with internal combustion engines are also louder and heavier than electrically driven devices. Working overhead requires a little more muscle power.

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

Create, create, growers: After all, 35 percent of all Germans have their own Refugium in the form of a gardenBe it behind the house or in an allotment garden (Source: Statista). The Retreat Garden offers many people the opportunity to relax from everyday lifewithout sacrificing holidays.

But a garden also requires work: The lawn wants to be mowed, the flowerbed wants to water and the hedge wants to be cut to size. The easiest way to accomplish these tasks, of course, with the appropriate technology. In our petrol hedge trimmer comparison, we have therefore Hedge trimmer with 2-stroke internal combustion engines closer look.

In addition to the decisive purchase criteria - Performance, sword length and cutting size Also, find helpful tips and tricks for properly trimming hedges and shrubs, and find out how the best gasoline hedge trimmer will reach its maximum life.

1. Hedge to perfection - that's what distinguishes gasoline hedge trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

With regular back and form cuts your hedge always looks well maintained.

Who may call a garden his own, be it an allotment or one Green area belonging to the propertywho knows the problem: The natural retreat does not take care of itself. Especially Hedges, shrubs and trees want to be kept in check, so that they can be used in the long run of your garden for decoration or for privacy.

Gasoline hedge trimmers are useful tools for that optical maintenance Your garden. These special hedge trimmers, like other motorized hedge trimmers, have a sword with sharp blades that can be trimmed with woody plants of various kinds.

The drive moves the Knife on the shaft of the sword in high frequency up and down and thus causes a kind of sawing effect. In addition, most are two saw blades with knives mounted on top of each other, which move in opposite directions. The Cut will be cleaner and the blades get stuck less frequently. On powerful gasoline engine provides the drive with the necessary cutting force, with which you can also shape thicker branches and dense bushes.

You want to buy a hedge trimmer with gasoline engine for garden maintenance? You can count on these advantages and disadvantages:

  • no annoying cable - flexible use
  • particularly powerful engine
  • very clean cut
  • also suitable for large hedges
  • preferred by professionals
  • more expensive than electric / battery hedge trimmer
  • relatively heavy (5 to 6 kg)
  • Gasoline engine is louder than electric motor

2. Cleverly trimmed - other types of hedge trimmers

There is a suitable hedge trimmer for every purpose. Do you only want some Crop small ornamental shrubsFor example, a manual hedge trimmer or a battery-operated model is sufficient. Hedge trimmers whose Motor via a power connection is another option.

The following table characterizes these three categories at a glance:

Hedge trimmer Typeproperties
manual hedge trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: hedge

The hand hedge trimmer is operated by muscle powerby squeezing the two handles and thus the cutting edges of the scissors. The longer the lever is, the higher is the cutting force.

easy to use
independent of additional energy sources
especially suitable for fine cutting work

a lot of muscle strength needed - unsuitable for large hedges
lower working speed than motor driven models

Cordless hedge trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

Cordless hedge trimmers have one Electric motor powered by battery becomes. It is cut over blades, which at one cutting sword are mounted and move very fast in opposite directions up and down.

no annoying cable
relatively light and quiet

short battery life
weaker performance than other motorized devices

electric hedge trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: petrol

Electric hedge trimmers cut on the same principle as cordless hedge trimmers. However, you will Motor with mains current driven.

high cutting performance
relatively quiet

less flexible due to cables
Power connection necessary

Conclusion: For small hedges or ornamental shrubs or fine work a manual hedge trimmer is best. Small to medium-sized hedges are best handled with a cordless hedge trimmer. For larger hedges we recommend an electric or petrol hedge trimmer.

3. Beautiful cut - buying advice for gasoline hedge trimmers

3.1. Permanently powerful - the performance

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

A hedge trimmer with high wattage easily creates even woody hedges.

Your personal test winner among the petrol hedge trimmers should be a the highest possible performance so that even more extensive cutting work on long hedges and strong branches can easily be done. As with other electric garden tools like the Pruner or brushcutter the power is given in watts.

Our test on petrol hedge trimmers showed: 600 watts should at least afford a hedge trimmer with gasoline engine. Crop more often large hedgerows or shrubs with relatively strong branches, accelerates a petrol hedge trimmer with 800 to 900 watts the cut again noticeably.

3.2. On the knife's edge - the sword's length

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

With a long sword even large hedges can be evenly shaped.

The sword length of a hedge trimmer is usually given in centimeters and describes the Cutting length of the device, A longer sword allows you to get one larger area on shrub or hedge with one single movement to shorten.

For the perfecting of your home hedges we recommend one Sword length from 50 to 60 cm, The sword should not be shorter if possible, because of the Otherwise uneven and you may cut holes in the hedge in the heat of the moment.

Gasoline hedge trimmers with cutting blades up to about 75 cm in length require some practice in the handling to get good results and make the most of the big cutting tool. However, thanks to their size, they are best suited to long hedges to get in shape. But beware: Due to the longer sword, the center of gravity of such devices is somewhat less favorable and a secure grip requires more power.

Tip: If you want to prune particularly high hedges, we recommend using a petrol hedge trimmer with telescopic handle. If necessary, the sword is mounted on an extendable handle, which can be brought at the top often by joint in an angle, which also lets you reach the roof of the hedge.

3.3. Strong performance - the cutting power

With the average thickness of the engine hedge clippers is the Diameter of the cuttings referred to, the knives can easily cut through the sword. The value given in millimeters results from the Distance of the knife blades on the sword.

Most models can have branches and twigs with one Diameter of about 23 mm cut. This average thickness is sufficient for most hedges and ornamental shrubs in the garden.

Tip: Hedges and bushes that are especially dense, such as yew hedges, are best kept in shape with a hedge trimmer whose sword is relatively long but has a low cutting thickness. Thus, the cut is very accurate and even despite high density.

3.4. Heavy device - the weight

Hedge trimmers are - except manual hedge trimmers - no lightweights, Even if you do not have to apply any muscle power for the cutting process yourself, this requires Holding the machine Exercise and strength in front of the body or above the head.

The models from our petrol hedge trimmer test 2018 lie between five and six kilograms, Working with these devices therefore requires long-term quite a lot of power, However, professional hedge trimmers by Bosch or Stihl are not much lighter either.

Our tip: Take a lot of breaks, especially during the annual shape-cutting in summer, and make sure you have enough fluids.

4. Long live the hedge trimmer! Care tips for petrol hedge trimmer

All-rounder Teflon oil

Lubricants based on the plastic PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Teflon, are characterized by optimum properties for the Oiling mechanically stressed machine parts out. By his fine structure and its good adhesion, Teflon oil also withstands weather, acid or base attacks. Besides, it is temperature resistant and thus defies great heat and cold. Since the oil is resin-free, it does not stick after a certain time.

To ensure that you enjoy your gasoline hedge trimmer for as long as possible, regular care of the device after use is essential! The following steps should be taken into account:

  • Housing and ventilation slots: Remove dirt and plant residues with a damp cloth or compressed air
  • Sword & moving machine parts: Wipe off wood residue and dirt with a brush or a dry cloth, wipe with a damp cloth if necessary, re-greasing with PTFE oil or machine oil

If the garden season is over and all the hedges are brought into shape, it still applies the hedge trimmer to store properly for the winter, For this you should first empty the fuel tank and transfer any leftovers into a tightly closed canister.

Most petrol hedge trimmers for the hobby gardener are with 2-stroke engines equipped with a Gasoline-oil mixture operate. If this type of fuel is stored in a non-sealed container, e.g. the tank of the hedge trimmer, the gas evaporates and the engine can be difficult to start next spring.

The gasoline hedge trimmer is stored in a lying position and best of all, where neither dust, nor moisture or cold damage their mechanics. Especially cover the sword well and keep the device out of the reach of children, so accidents can be avoided.

5. The Art of Gardening - How To Cut Your Hedges Correctly

Whether you opt for a cheap petrol hedge trimmer or choose a professional model: hedges are allowed not arbitrarily shortened at any time become. August Forster, President of the Federal Association for Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction, therefore recommends one closed season from the end of February to the end of September. In addition, the expert warns against radical cuts at low temperatures:

"You can cut at up to five degrees minus. The branch is squeezed [otherwise] and there is no clean cut that can heal well. "

August Forster
(President of the Federal Association for Garden, Landscape and Sports Field Construction)

The close season during the summer is also used to the Breeding grounds of the animalswho have nestled in your hedge, too protect and not overwhelm the plant in its growth and flowering phase.

Depending on the type of hedge you should pay attention to the correct shape when cutting. For coniferous plants such as conifers, it is important that the Foot of the hedge remains relatively wide and the hedge is tapered trapezoidal when pruning upwards. So get the ground level parts of the crop enough sun off and the hedge stays nice and stable.

Danger: The Federal Nature Conservation Act criminalizes radical cuts from plants to the cane or tribe during breeding and nesting. Smaller form and care cuts are also allowed during this time.

6. Questions and answers around the topic of petrol hedge trimmers

6.1. What does the Stiftung Warentest say about gasoline hedge trimmers?

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: petrol

Electric hedge trimmers are lighter than petrol-powered models, but they are less flexible to use due to the power cable required.

The experts of Stiftung Warentest have not yet decidedly focused on the subject of gasoline hedge trimmers. However, there is one Review of electric hedge trimmers with battery or mains operation (issue 08/2012). Checked were next to the cutting capacity and the handling also the Durability in continuous use and the security settings such as the blade braking time.

Only 6 out of 20 electric hedge trimmers received the test rating "good". Mainly the handling and durability caused bad grades. Convincing were the models of the brands Metabo, Stihl and Bosch both in the battery-powered devices and in the hedge trimmers with mains operation.

6.2. Can I grind the knives on the sword myself?

That is possible, but not recommended, If you want to sharpen the hedge trimmer only for the last cuts on the hedge, then you can use it wet whetstone made of fine quartz in combination with a fine file preferably. As you should proceed for the manual grinding, this video shows:

However, manual stripping does not replace a proper finish and should only be considered as stopgap measure serve. Many hardware stores offer one professional grinding service for the fine blades of the hedge trimmer. In many cities there are as well Scherenschleiferwho can take on this task as well. The cost is about 10 to 25 euros, depending on the provider and scope of service.

6.3. Which motor oil should I use?

Petrol hedge trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

The 2-stroke engine of the hedge trimmer requires a mixture of engine oil and gasoline as fuel.

As most hedge trimmers with gasoline engine Mixture of gasoline and motor oil It is important that the appropriate oil is used for the combustion Piston of the engine always sufficiently lubricated during operation and does not jam.

The engine oil should always comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Usually, for gasoline hedge trimmers oils with the Marking API TC / CEC TSC-3 used. Are you unsure whether a particular engine oil is suitable for your hedge trimmer, the manufacturer of the device can help you.

6.4. Can I mix the fuel mixture for the 2-stroke engine myself?

That is quite possible. For most engines will be one Mixing ratio of 1 to 50 used. One part of motor oil contains 50 parts of gasoline. Specifically, this means: Mix 100 milliliters of oil with 5 liters of gasoline. However, some engines require one lower gasoline content in the mixture and require a mixing ratio of 1 to 25So for example, 100 milliliters of oil on 2.5 liters of gasoline. A look at the operating instructions provides information about which mixture is the right one.

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