Telephone connection at the new building

The telephone connection in-house applies to a certain extent as basic equipment in Germany. Especially when new construction but you have to take into account that it has to do here with corresponding development costs, and may also expect some waiting times. In addition, there are also alternatives to the telephone connection in the new building.

The telephone connection

Of course, to be able to make a telephone connection inside the building, a cable must first be laid to the house. In Germany, these are usually ordinary copper cables, only in some countries of the world are the individual households connected with fiber optics for particularly fast Internet connections. The cable can only be laid by Deutsche Telekom as the network operator. It makes sense to carry out the application for the telephone connection at the same time as applying for the electrical connection, since the joint installation work of both cables - the power cable and the telephone cable - can save a considerable amount of money.

Costs of development -

depending on the distance of the house from the property boundary around 23 euros per meter for unpaved surfaces, with paved surfaces (pavement, concrete) around 77 euros per meter. In addition, for the installation within the house a flat rate of around 350 euros.

On the telephone connection thus produced can then be phoned, but also surfed - the available Internet speed depending on the area can be very different, in some areas are still today because of low population densities often only accesses with a maximum speed well below 1,000 Mbit / s possible. Here, the question of alternatives becomes obvious.

Alternatives to the conventional Telekom connection

The physical conditions - ie cables to the house and house connection - must be created by the Telekom in the rule. With these costs is therefore to be expected, as soon as you want to have a telephone line. If then only a low Internet speed can be offered, for many the question arises, if there are no better alternatives. Currently there are two options for the telephone connection:

Mobile connection with landline number and mobile internet

Depending on whether UMTS is expanded and available in the area in question, it is often possible to achieve much faster Internet speeds on the Internet - with appropriate UMTS antennas, it is possible to achieve good speeds even at low signal strength. This can usually be determined very quickly using the network coverage query for the individual mobile providers based on the address. Telephone connections are no problem, since now as well as all network operators offer the possibility to connect to the phone an additional landline number with the respective area code. This can be achieved on a cheap landline number and use the phone itself a matching mobile tariff. One saves in each case the total development costs and in addition the connection charges of the Telekom - in many cases are together often clearly over 1.000 euro.

Satellite connection for telephony, internet and television

For some years, it has also been possible to use landline telephony and the Internet via a satellite connection, in addition to satellite television, which is already very popular. There are already some providers, the data transfer rates are quite useful for private use and the prices fell sharply in recent years and almost at telecom level. Satellite technology has the advantage that it works equally well in all areas, even if they are only slightly expanded or developed by Telekom. Although there are also costs for the hardware, which are at most providers but well below the development costs of Telekom, usually between 150 and 350 euros. You can use telephony with a landline number, broadband internet and satellite TV. Especially in poorly developed areas and at high costs for the production of a telephone connection satellite connections are a good alternative here, which is reliable and cheap.

Fundamental right to telephone connection in Germany

According to section 35 (1), everyone in Germany has a legal right that Telekom connects them to their network - that is, they must not deny anyone access. However, this is expressly excluded if the production is not technically possible or not yet possible. So in remote areas you still have no legal basis. Incidentally, the BGH has recently ruled that the Internet is a fundamental right, not just the telephone line. However, here too, of course, manufacturability is the basic condition.

Expansion plans of the Telekom for DSL

Basically DSL should be widely available in most areas in Germany - in some cases, especially at low connection density often only with very slow speeds, because due to low expected number of participants an expansion is often not worthwhile. In addition, above all, mobile, wireless technologies are forced, since there seems to be a much higher demand. In poorly developed areas, one can only expect a significant improvement in long periods of time. Here, alternatives are often quite reasonable and worth considering.

Typical problems and solutions

Long waiting time for the telephone connection: Despite different promises of the Telekom can go often long from the application of the telephone connection to the production long waiting times into the country. Here only tenacity and a reference to possibly promised periods for the production helps.

Too high development costs for telephone connection: Especially with large plots of land and houses that are set far back, the development costs can often be enormous. For houses that are located outside developed settlements, they are often even unaffordable. Here then only appropriate alternatives remain - either mobile technology or satellite technology.

Errors in the production or damage caused by the excavation work: In both cases, the Telekom is liable to the connection owner - often uses the Telekom here a subcontractor for the wiring, if damage occurs here, it is often not easy for the client to enforce a claim for damages, A capable lawyer and good nerves are then often an indispensable prerequisite.

So the fact is - without telephone connection, it is hardly any more today. It does not always have to be the connection to the telecom lines, modern alternatives can often be cheaper and more efficient.

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