Picture frames to set up - you have these possibilities

Pictures are not just something to hang on the wall - sometimes they are also good in a stand erected. How to convert a stand to set up, how to set up pictures non-slip and what else should be considered in "still images", read in our post.

Fold out the stand

Many picture frames have a stand on the back, which can be easily folded out. You have to carefully remove it from the back wall of the frame and fold it to the side.

In most cases, pictures are quite stable, if you proceed carefully when folding out the stand.

Picture frame without stand

For frames that have no integrated stand on the back, you have to find another solution. Here are several solutions:

  • use separate stand
  • Set up pictures with stoppers
  • Set up pictures behind a bar
  • Set up pictures on a special board

Use separate stand

As a rule, you can buy separate displays for all typical picture frame sizes. Simple displays are usually available for 2 - 5 EUR, high-quality models are then sometimes a bit more expensive.

Set up pictures with stoppers

If you want to put a picture on a shelf, and you simply lean it against the wall, there is a risk that the picture will fall over with every slight shake.

To prevent this, you can make an effective little trick: Just attach a small "stopper" in front of the picture. If you simply put a small metal pin into the surface of the board (you must of course drill a hole first) then this "stopper" prevents the picture from slipping forward while leaning against the back of the wall. If you use a material for the stopper, which visually comes close to the picture frame, the stopper usually does not stand up.

Set up pictures behind a bar

If you would like to place several pictures on top of a chest of drawers and want to prevent them from slipping, simply attach a visually well-fitting strip in front of the pictures.

You can also attach the strip with adhesive double-sided tape so as not to damage the surface of the shelf, shelf or chest of drawers.

Special shelves

IKEA offers special shelves that already contain bars for setting up pictures. So you can look for pictures a very special place.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, do not place images next to each other in a row, but at varying depths. This looks visually more interesting and lets the individual pictures best come into their own.

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