Build picture frames with the saw itself - that's how it works

You can also build simple picture frames yourself. However, the difficulty of the venture should not be underestimated. Where especially the difficulties lie, and what possibilities there are to circumvent them, you will find out in detail in our contribution.

Problems with DIY

You can buy the strips for a picture frame quite cheaply in the hardware store or in hobbyist shops. In many cases, however, the strips are in very large lengths (often in 300 cm) - so it should be cut before the purchase in any case roughly. Most retailers offer this service.

The next problem is the exact cut: For a picture frame looks beautiful, the quiet must fit very precisely. For this is important:

  • the selection of the right saw
  • the right tool for the miter cut
  • a durable and stable wood connection

Finishing the frame correctly

First of all, there is the question of the right saw: For the cutting, in which work must be carried out very precisely, only a fine saw is suitable for the hand saws. However, the cutting works better with a diving saw or chop saw. In any case, a saw blade as fine as possible should be used here.

In addition, a template for an exact miter cut must be found. Miter boxes allow too much clearance for a precise cut, they are too inaccurate. For a cut with the dip saw, sawing off a template, which is then used for cutting.

Be aware, however, that even small deviations will later cause big problems when assembling the frame. Also, make sure that you take the glass dimension correctly. The frame size is always calculated on the basis of the exact glass dimension.

You also need to find a good fixation method. Gluing is usually sufficient, but you will still have to find additional options for large and heavy frames.


If you want a very accurate result with perfect mitring, it is best to ask a fencer if he can do the cutting with a miter.

Tips & Tricks

DIY stores also often offer special services for miter cuts - in addition to ordinary cuts. Just ask for it. Even if the cost is more expensive, it's usually worth it.

Video Board: Making a picture frame (make molding on the table saw)