Photo sense of living - my book presentation

Photo sense of living - my book presentation: book

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Hello my dear blog readers,

I write the blouse, introduce blogs and today for a change a book. Many probably know the blog and the two lively girls Jutta and Maike. I got to know her through my Blogrundschau and also learned from her first book. Even though I'm not the big craft freak (or maybe because of that), I was interested in how a blog can be put into a book. Jutta and Maike were so nice and sent me a copy, which is now in front of me. What I saw there surprised me.

Photo sense of living - my book presentation: sense

Photo sense of life just for me

There are certainly countless craft books and collections of instructions in which one leafs when necessary. Photo sense of living is a little different. There are many tutorials and yet it is not a pure collection of crafting manuals. Each manual bears the signature of Jutta and Maike and is similar to her blog posts. A casual design that makes you forget that you read instructions.

The content and the concept

Photo sense of living - my book presentation: book

Foto Wohnsinn - ideas to make your own

After a short self-presentation follows a foreword and a book presentation. This combines then what I like about this book, the written text with a clean listing of the tools needed. This is divided into the individual craft areas and you can see which tools are needed in about. I, as a (hitherto) craft-free man, but had to expand my horizons in some terms. Masking tape and Freezer paper have not been used in my workshop so far. However, I liked the use of this masking tape later. Man (n) never stops learning and maybe my creative vein will be discovered.
If you have now checked his aid needs, you can dedicate yourself to the pictures. How the pictures are selected according to the project is explained as well as the printing possibilities. Much certainly the home printer but for large pictures you should rather take the photo service or a copy shop.

The helping prefaces and the listings for the selection of photos, the material and the possibility of printing are important and can be found in every project.

The projects - clear but not boring

The projects are divided into five broad categories and include several individual project concepts.

  • Photo art and decoration for the wall
  • Stationery and crafts with paper
  • Photos on textile
  • Decoration objects, small gifts and accessories
  • Photo transfer

Photo sense of living - my book presentation: living

Photo transfer on wood

Curious, I have scrolled to the last chapter of the photo transfer. Yes, that appeals to me.
The project descriptions are structured systematically and not boring. As already written at the beginning, I like the combination of text and loose listing. In the listings, the points mentioned at the beginning can be found again - photo selection, material requirements, printing options. In addition, there is a rating of easy to medium to tricky, a timely and detailed instructions. Another large picture shows a possible result and conveys the decorative effect.

Photo sense of living - my book presentation: photo

black and white photo transfer on wood

My desire for photo transfer is still slowed down with this clear view. With planned 120 minutes I can live and also the hint "tricky" should not stop me. Unfortunately, the note "Attention: laser printer" or the cross at "Copy Shop" unfortunately does not apply to my workshop. However, it would have taken me longer to Google to find out. There are also other decoration options: My wife liked, for example, the glass wind lights. I certainly would not have come up with the idea to make prints with oil transparent. Or making play figures out of photos, stamping garlands from pictures and newsprint or building Instagram picture frames....
You probably already notice, even if the topic "photo" hardly suggests, there are many ways to use them effectively.

Foto Wohnsinn - ideas to make your own

... is even for me convinced home improvement an enrichment. There are many suggestions that make you want more. The instructions are well-structured and yet loosely designed. Small introductory texts and great pictures loosen up any crafting instructions and even make a book out of them that you can read and not just get on demand from the shelf. 107 pages to read, stimulate and help.

Jutta & Maike - a beautiful work. Thank you!

PS: Maybe you will see an implementation of mine here.

A sense of life just for me: Riccardo Düring
Foto Wohnsinn - ideas for making your own: Jutta Handrupp and Maike Hedder
Photo transfer on wood: Jutta Handrupp and Maike Hedder
black and white photo transfer on wood: Jutta Handrupp and Maike Hedder

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