Remove photo wallpaper - it works best

Photo murals are very decorative. The detachment can be a challenge. Which means have proven themselves and how to proceed best, reveals the following instructions.

Means that are suitable for removal

  • Water and detergent (preferably warm water)
  • steam cleaners
  • Wallpaper remover from the hardware store
  • Spike roll

Water and detergent

Soaking with the warmest possible water and lye activates most of the paste again, allowing the photo wallpaper to be peeled off.

But this does not work for all Kleistern. If the wallpaper is too thick, soaking is also problematic.

steam cleaners

Due to the steam temperature and moisture, the glue softened better than just soaking the wallpaper. The photo wallpaper must be processed in any case several times with the steam cleaner at the highest power level.

Wallpaper remover from the hardware store

Commercially available wallpaper removers always work if the wallpaper has been glued on with a paste. Individual Kraftkleister with adhesive additives or dispersion adhesive are not dissolved by the wallpaper solver.

Spike roll

The nail roller - also wallpaper hedgehog - perforates the wallpaper, making it easier for the water or steam to get to the paste. It can be an effective additional measure to those described above.

Peel off photo wallpaper step by step

  • water
  • dish soap
  • ev. Wallpaper Solver
  • steam cleaners
  • Spike roll
  • Sponge and bowl

1. Protect the floor and the surrounding wall

Protect the floor from the wallpaper with a piece of plastic tarpaulin. If possible, protect surrounding wallpapers from moisture penetration if they are to remain intact.

2. First soaking

With the sponge and warm water to which a shot of detergent was added, soak the wallpaper vigorously. Allow to act for about fifteen minutes and repeat once more.

If the wallpaper comes off at the edges, it can be pulled off as a whole. If not: check if the paste has dissolved.

If this is the case, the wallpaper usually goes off after a few more soaking sessions. If not, the next step follows.

3. Steam cleaner

The wallpaper thoroughly with the steam cleaner on the highest temperature level edit. Check if the glue dissolves. If so, continue to treat until it leaves.

If not, commercial wallpaper remover can still be used. If this also remains ineffective, it can still be attempted to scratch the wallpaper with the nail roller, and so moisten the paste. Otherwise, all that remains is scraping with the spatula.

Tips & Tricks

Already when attaching the photo wallpaper you should worry about the subsequent removal and use only ordinary glue that can be easily solved again.

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