Pi water filter - how does it work and does it work?

In the field of water energization and water revitalization, so-called pi devices are also increasingly being found in commerce. They come from Japan and should not only filter water, but also revive it. How the technology should work, and whether there are evidence, is explained here.

Principle of Pi devices

The Pi devices were supposedly developed based on university research in the sixties regarding water purification.

It should pollutants are removed from the water, but also their structure and information that is stored in the water to be deleted. The water is then "harmonized" and energized. In addition, it should be "restructured" throughout the process.

A natural, kleinclusterige water structure is to be restored in the treatment.

Healing effects

  • Pi water should balance the mineral balance
  • Pi water is supposed to change water so that it is more similar to intercellular matter and can therefore be converted less expensively in the body
  • Pi Water regenerates the body from the inside and slows down the aging process

Water as an information carrier

The technology is currently not chemically or physically assignable. However, recent attempts have also provided evidence of the efficacy of homeopathic medicines, which are also based on the principle of "informing" the water. The exact mode of action of these processes is still unclear.

A "revival" of the water is controversial, since molecules in liquids are basically disordered and unbalanced - so liquids are just liquids and not solids. To what extent turbulence can increase the "energy level" of water is physically questionable.

evidence of impact

A scientific investigation of the devices, which come mainly from Korea, has not happened in this country. Since the physical basis is missing to measure the degree of energy and degree of harmonization of the water, a scientific-based assessment is also difficult.

Tips & Tricks

An effect of such devices may also be based on the fact that you automatically drink more water after purchasing. The recommended amount of 0.03 l per kg body weight of pure water is far from reaching most people in Europe. If this amount is achieved because the device also wants to be used, there are many health benefits and the chronic lack of water is compensated.

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