Pick berries: sea buckthorn, rose hips and ornamental berries

Berry harvest in autumn

After the fruit harvest in midsummer, the harvest season begins for many berries and other fruits from summer end until autumn. This is how blueberries and apple berries ripen, but also berries ranging from ornamental shrubs to buckthorn, cranberries and malus varieties await their harvest this season. Anyone who wants to enjoy flowering plants and delicious fruits all year round will find out here which shrubs and small trees are suitable for a snack garden. In addition, gardeners will find in this section tips for planting, grooming and harvesting various autumn berries.

Harvest rose hips
Rosehips grow on wild roses and remain hanging on the bushes until winter. They are ready for harvest in late summer and autumn, when they have taken on a bright reddish-orange color. The harvest time lasts from about September to November. To find out if rose hips are ready for harvest, gently squeeze the fruit. Give in, you can harvest them. Rosehips have a sweet-sour aroma and are very healthy because of their high vitamin C content. After the harvest, edible varieties can be consumed raw or processed into jam. Wild roses like a sunny to partially shaded spot and open their first flowers in June. Among the known varieties include the dog rose (Rosa canina) or the potato rose (Rosa rugosa).

Berry shrubs as ornamental shrubs
Many ornamental trees decorate the garden with colorful berries in late summer and autumn. They are available as a potted plant in nurseries and can be planted directly in the garden. In contrast to planting seeds or small seedlings, these trees have the advantage that they bear fruit sooner, while very young plants do not produce berries until the second or third year.

Tips for planting and maintaining firethorn
In autumn, fire-thorns adorn yellow, orange or red berries, which feed the native birds. Because of their ingredients, they are not suitable for human consumption and can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The evergreen plants prefer a sunny spot on a water-permeable, slightly acidic soil. Spring is the right time to plant firethorn cuttings in a flower pot. After several weeks, the plant has formed roots and can be put in the garden. Firethorn is one of the easy-care plants. Once a year, between July and August, the plants should be cut after flowering so that they retain their shape. Depending on the variety, the plants can spend the winter in the garden or overwinter in a bright, sheltered place.

Ornamental berries of mahonia, ivy and yew

Other shrubs that gardeners enjoy with lush blossoms in spring and ornamental berries in fall include mahonia (Mahonia) and shrub ivy (Hedera helix 'Arborescens'). The Common Mahonia (Mahonia aquifolium) flowers in spring in yellow, small flowers that exude a pleasant scent, and bear in the autumn blue-black berries. Edible are only the berries of certain varieties, such as the common mahonia, which are ready for harvest from August.

The shrub ivy (Hedera helix 'Arborescens') shows in autumn in green-yellow flowers and grows both in partial shade and in sunny locations, but prefer a sheltered place. The frost hardy plants carry small black - poisonous - berries in winter and spring. In contrast to most ivy species, the shrub ivy can not climb on walls or trees.

Also impressive are some conifers with colorful ornamental berries, such as the yew (Taxus baccata) with their bright red fruits. However, leaves and berries are very poisonous, so this shrub is only suitable for gardens without children and pets.

Dogwood: bark in bright colors

Not only berries and leaves in fall color bring more color to the garden in the fall. For some dogwood species (Cornus) have an intensely colored bark. Thus, the branches of the Tatar dogwood (Cornus alba) present themselves in a rich purple, to which the white to light blue ornamental berries form a strong contrast. In contrast, the Siberian dogwood (Cornus alba Sibirica) shines in a bright red. Older shrubs assume a reddish-brown color. Because of their mild toxicity, the berries are not suitable for consumption. Dogwood grows in a sunny and half shady spot and is frost hardy.

Plant and harvest berries in the garden

Plant black chokeberries (Aronia)

No other berry variety is as rich in vitamins and nutrients as the blackcurrants, so it is very popular as a medicinal and indulgence plant. Since the aronia is also extremely robust and undemanding, it is easy to grow and maintain. We'll show you how!

Create a snack garden

In the Naschgarten various berries and fruits ripen, which can be picked and directly nibbled. From kiwis and figs to grapes, currants and cornelian cherries, you'll find tips on creating a snack garden and on planting, location and harvest time.

Maintain and harvest blueberries

Blueberry - also known as Blueberry - is a popular fruit that is both eaten raw and used as an ingredient in various desserts. How to cultivate, cultivate and harvest crops of blueberries in the garden is explained in this article.

Plant and harvest sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins and only grows on female plants that need male shrubs to propagate. Here are tips on the right location, the pruning and the harvest and learn why the berries are so healthy.

Plant cranberry and harvest

Cranberries are healthy, red berries that are eaten pure as soft fruit or jam. The shrubs are very easy to care for and from the third year berries. How to plant them, how to care for them, and when to harvest them is explained in this article.

Cut ornamental apple and ornamental apple

In autumn, yellow and red ornamental apples (malus) bring color to the garden. The small apples are edible and remain hanging on the trees until winter. Here are tips on the right location in the garden, for cutting and care of the ornamental apple.

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