Pickling or glazing?

When it comes to coloring wood, there are various possibilities. Pickling can be a good alternative to glazing in many cases, and you can also easily pickle even pieces of wood. When the alternative makes sense, and what to look for, you can find out in detail in this post.

Difference between pickling and glazing

Glazing works only on the surface of the wood, while a stain penetrates deep into the wood. Because of these conditions, you do not have to polish during pickling, and do not water the wood before.

However, a stained surface always needs a protective coating - that is, it must be protected again with clear lacquer or parquet lacquer. When glazing is omitted because the glaze itself already represents a protective wood coating.

Whether better stain or glaze are used often also depends on the desired color shades.

Meet hues

With stain color tones can be met exactly. For this you only have to dilute the stain accordingly.

Also, always make sure that it is a positive or negative stain - depending on which stain you use, the result can be quite different. For choosing the right diluent it is necessary to know on which basis the stain works:

  • water
  • spirit
  • white spirit

You can only dilute the stain with the appropriate remedy, other means do not work. The difference between so-called chemical stains and dye stains lies in the fact that the chemical stains special chemicals are used (such as ammonia), which react in a certain way with the wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

reference pointstainglaze
Set the color tones exactlyPerfectly possible (but may require a lot of testing)Limited availability (color selection)
color effectPenetrates deep into the wood and colorsOnly superficial coating
surface protectionMust be done separatelyAlready done in one operation (time saving)
Processing - skillSomewhat harder, requires experience in dealing with picklingPretty easy

Tips & Tricks

For both types of products, make sure that solvents are included or that the products are water-based. Eliminating solvents can otherwise be uncomfortable in the long term, and affect indoor health when used indoors.

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